Anyone aspiring to have an office administrator career should earn an associate degree and perform superbly in their first entry-level job. With more on-the-job training and experience, office assistants can move up the ladder to other administrative positions.

An Office Administrator Career is an essential part of the management team of any organization. They assume the overall responsibilities of managing office tasks and employees. Their work extends to coordinating office activities with middle management and achieving organizational goals.

Office administrators supervise people in several different positions, depending on the job:

  • Receptionists
  • Office assistants
  • Bookkeepers
  • Desktop publishers
  • Accounts Payable & Receivable
  • Payroll

Office administrators work hard to help their organization’s operations run smoothly. They must perform ethically and conform to company policies.

Office Administrators Assume Overall Responsibilities

An office administrator’s job consists of more than just managing tasks. This ‘take charge’ person oversees multiple activities of an office or department. Administrators must complete their own activities during the day as well as guide office employees in completing theirs. It is a job with stress and deadlines but carries with it rewards for reaching goals.

Office Administrators Responsibilities
Office Administrators Responsibilities

Office administrators are accountable to supervisors who compare their performance against office or departmental objectives. Office personnel is accountable to administrators, and the administrator is responsible for motivating their performance.

Leaders who take their jobs seriously realize the ‘buck stops with them’ within their leadership roles and capacities. If you have the desire to help lead an organization to reach its short and long-term goals, office administration may be for you.

Managing Office Tasks In An Office Administration Career

There are always tasks to perform and some days there is a shortage of help. When this happens, administrators help out by performing routine duties such as reading emails and sending correspondence. On other days, an office assistant or office clerk’s work piles up and administrators pitch in to get things caught up, such as:

  • Calendaring appointments
  • Answering emails
  • Answering phone calls
  • Maintaining office equipment
  • Some human resource functions
  • Internal communications
  • Ordering office supplies
  • Preparing reports

Office administrators help build morale when they occasionally work closely with staff in performing routine tasks and staff learns from their leaders.

“Office administrators work hard to help their organization’s operations run smoothly. They must perform ethically and conform to company policies.”

Managing Office Workers In An Office Administration Career

Office Administration Career
Office Administration Career

Human resource trainers tell us that everyone needs to be managed. This concept keeps us on our toes and performing effectively. Office administrators learn how to be good examples for office employees and how to train them efficiently. They act as managers in this role and see that daily tasks and goals are reached.

These activities are everyday examples of how administrators train office staff:

  • Provide a list of daily and weekly responsibilities
  • Motive workers to do their best
  • Teach them they are accountable for their work
  • Motivate them to support office and company goals
  • Put on seminars to provide further training
  • Show respect for and listen to employee’s ideas

Office administrators also coordinate activities and goals with middle management.

Coordinating With Middle Management

Those who have an office administration career act as liaisons between staff and middle management. They report to their supervisors and deliver messages from them to the office staff. These professionals supervise a team of office staff and report their work activities to management on the next level.

Office administrators attempt to complete their office work seamlessly and fulfill their duties to middle management. They help interview job candidates and recommend who to hire. They report staff performance to their managers. They teach new policies and goals handed down from upper management. Administrators also report any issues or problems among their office staff and attempt to resolve them.

Office Administration Classes And Degree

If you are interested in an office administrator career, you should enroll in business classes and earn an associate degree. Your chances of landing the entry-level jobs you apply for are improved by holding a college degree.

Anyone living in the Greater Baton Rouge area is fortunate to live close to an accredited technical college. ITI Technical College offers an Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in our Office Administration Program. Students can participate in the specializations of Business Administrator or Healthcare Administration.

Now is the best time to begin your office administration training and education. Employers need you and your services as a college graduate.

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