Are you thinking of entering the world of office administration? If so you have a long road ahead of you and you might be curious as to what fields you can jump into once you earn an Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Office Administration from an office administration school in Baton Rouge. What job could you see yourself doing exactly? Where would you want to go? Office administration is a pretty large category and there are a ton of different potential job titles for you. We’re going to go over a few of them and discuss what each of these job titles is responsible for. Keep reading for an extensive list and see just where you might end up once you finish our training program.

Administrative Assistant – The Most Common Job Title

The administrative assistant job title is one that we see quite a bit in the office administration field and there is a good chance you’ve heard a bit about both administrative assistants and secretaries. They both have similar responsibilities such as scheduling appointments, document preparation, file organization, and much more. There are some companies that will use words like a secretary and administrative assistant interchangeably but if we’re being realistic, then an administrative assistant has far more responsibilities than a secretary. The admin assistant could be tasked with doing the following:

  • * Bookkeeping
  • * Organizing Conferences
  • * Managing the Office Budget

Bill/Account Collectors

In this position, you would be helping to manage the finances of the company in question. You will receive payments and record financial information. They might also be responsible for performing other important clerical duties, so make sure you’re ready to take on that kind of responsibility and that you have the necessary training.

Office Administrator

Financial Clerk

In this job, you will be doing bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing. As a clerk, you will be responsible for producing and maintaining financial records for the company that you work for. Keep in mind that some financial clerks will have fewer specific duties, which means that you will need to be quite flexible. For example, you might need to carry out financial transactions and even help customers. Ultimately, becoming a financial clerk will require you to have postsecondary education, and you will also need to have some accounting experience.

Office Clerk

This is a pretty generic title and it involves completing several different administrative tasks. As an office clerk your duties will include:

  • * Type/Maintain Documents
  • * Help Clients
  • * File Records
  • * Answer Telephones


You might find yourself doing some basic bookkeeping as well as financial transactions when you are in this position, so do be ready for that.

Information Clerk

You will be responsible for performing various clerical duties, which often means gathering information to help the company. You will need to search through databases, maintain records, and even retrieve files. It all depends on what the company requires at the time. As an information clerk, it will be essential for you to have extensive spreadsheet knowledge, such as Excel, Google Docs, or any internal software that the company uses. You may even need to learn to use Microsoft access, depending on the company in question.

Mail Clerks

This is about as straightforward as it gets. You will sort and deliver mail, but you will also assist customers whether it’s in person or on the phone, so do keep that in mind.

These are only a few of the jobs that you might find yourself in after you finish your office administrator training in Baton Rouge and earn your Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Office Administration. If you’re ready to kick off your career, then now would be a great time to contact ITI Technical College and see what we have to offer you. Your future is on the horizon!



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