Software developers tend to be those of us who want to learn more about new technologies and create solutions to users’ challenges. If you are planning a career in software development, you will learn the essential programming languages that go with it. The most popular and useful languages are based on:

  • Those in demand right now
  • Languages becoming popular
  • Those that have long-term applications
  • Best ones for business and industry
  • Most useful for personal applications

The most universally used programming languages for all general applications include:

  • Java Script
  • Python
  • C++
  • Scala

You will encounter other languages depending on the products and companies you will work for. Earning an associate degree will prepare you with the essentials for developing software in several different industries.

Programming Languages and Software Development

Software developers use different programming languages for different business and personal use applications. Their work consists of designing and writing code for:

  • Computer operating systems

    Programming Languages Degree
    Programming Languages Degree
  • Non-PC devices and equipment
  • Computer apps
  • Smartphone apps

Software developers design and write code for system programming, application programming, and embedded software. To be successful in this career, you should possess analytical capabilities, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Good communication skills are necessary to explain projects to co-workers and other staff.

Learning a new coding language is a great way to advance a programming career. There is no better time to do this than now. The following four languages are commonly used by beginners as well as more advanced programmers.

Programming Languages: JavaScript

JavaScript is the most commonly used coding language in the world. It is used to manage the enormous amount of web pages by organizations large and small. It is also used because:

  • It is the most preferred language by hiring managers in the Americas
  • Coders can create animated graphics, clickable buttons, and interactive maps
  • Used with HTML and CSS, programmers can improve user website experiences
  • It is one of the easiest languages to learn with almost no prior coding knowledge
  • It possesses high-level usability for web development, mobile apps, building web servers, and game development
“If you are planning a career in software development, you will learn the essential programming languages that go with it.”

Programming Languages: Python

Python comes in second on our list of most useful programming languages for software developers. It is perfect for beginners and experienced coders as well. You can use several different programming styles with this general-purpose language when developing programs.

Python is now the second-most demanded language for hiring managers in the Americas. Some amazing platforms and digital tools were created with Python, including:

  • Google Search
  • iRobot Machines
  • YouTube

This language is typically used for data science, back-end development, and app development. Another benefit of Python is its library that supports common tasks and commands. Users can test code as they write which saves a lot of time.

Programming Languages: C++

Students learn C++ to create high-performance applications because it is a cross-platform language. Developers like it because it gives them a high level of control over memory and system resources in a wide range of projects. The reasons to use this language are many:

  • It is easy and fun to learn and apply
  • C++ is one of the most popular in use today
  • It is found in embedded systems and graphical user interfaces
  • C++ is found in typical operating systems
  • It is a portable language for developing applications adapted to many platforms
  • Programmers can easily move from C, C#, and Java to C++ and vice versa

C++ gives users a clear structure to programs and also lets them reuse the code. Companies like this concept because it helps lower development costs.

Programming Languages: Scala

Programming Language Study
Programming Language Study

Scalable language, or Scala, is an object-oriented programming language with these features:

  • A useful general-purpose and high-level language
  • Serves as a multi-paradigm programming language
  • Provides support to functional programming
  • Can convert to bytecodes

Scala’s popularity and usage are on the rise worldwide because it is fast and efficient. It has the advantage of running on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). This is important because both Java and Scala stacks can be seamlessly integrated.

These four programming languages are vital players in today’s software development world. There are others you will encounter in your career while these four are essential for those hired in entry-level jobs. ITI Technical College offers a strong program in Information Technology (AOS). Contact us today.

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