During a turbulent economy, construction manager skill is needed to be at their best. The challenges facing them are enormous, and it takes a concentrated effort to deal with them. Managers have huge responsibilities that are critical to a project’s outcome. Leaders with the highest skill set finish projects faster, better, at lower costs, and have the best chances for advancement.

The following are the Construction Manager Skill Sets Needed for Success:

  • Sound knowledge of the industry
  • Strong planning and organizing skills
  • Communication and feedback prowess
  • Risk management and negotiation skills
  • Budgeting and technology savvy

Each of these is expanded in the paragraphs below and these tips from experts.

Why Industry Knowledge Is Critical to Success 

Construction Management (AOS) Program
Construction Management (AOS) Program

The construction industry is ever-evolving with new techniques and materials produced every month. The best managers understand the basics of starting and managing projects.

They must also keep on top of the latest:

  • Innovative strategies
  • Tools and equipment
  • Technology devices
  • Training methods
  • Supplier markets
  • Rising prices

Mastery of these knowledge components is used to reach project goals more effectively. The construction manager must accept lifelong learning to keep their companies competitive and keep their jobs. The following skills enhance a manager’s efficiency, get the most out of workers, and complete outstanding projects.

Construction Manager Skill Keeps Projects on Track

Planning and organizing go hand-in-hand with any successful construction project. Minutes spent in daily planning can produce hours of work time saved each week. Create plans that:

  • Are flexible enough to adapt to changes and setbacks
  • Carefully consider the scheduling timelines for all phases of construction
  • Have a cushion in the budget for rising costs and delays
  • Take labor shortages into consideration

Keep in mind that plans should be in a state of revising until the end of the project.

Organizing consists of seeing how all parts of projects fit the larger plan and delegating work to the right people.

It’s common for managers to work with overlapping projects and jump from one to another. They must know how to put things on priority, stay on top of things, and know which projects can be pushed back. GANTT charts are ideal for construction managers to keep organized on multiple projects.

Communication is a Critical Construction Manager’s Skill

Construction Manager Skills
Construction Manager Skills

One of the many Construction Manager Skill Sets Needed for Success is communication. Managers must communicate well with all relevant stakeholders for any construction project. Being on the same page creates a smoother transition from blueprints to completion.

Managers must ensure that all contracts are understandable and all parties agree to the terms therein. Regular communication including updates between leaders and work crews is essential.

Many mistakes occur because communications were not clear and managers must learn the art of giving directions and listening very well. They must be open to hearing other people’s ideas and giving them credit for their positive suggestions. As projects continue to become more complex, communication and feedback become more critical to success.

“Managers have huge responsibilities that are critical to a project’s outcome. Leaders with the highest skill sets finish projects faster, better, at lower costs and have the best chances for advancement.”

What About Risk Management and Negotiation Skills?

Savvy managers know there are many types of project risks to consider. They and their teams need to determine potential risks and make plans to address them including plans for:

  • Material shortages
  • Progress delays
  • Worker injuries
  • Changes in plans
  • Weather
  • Going over budget
  • Misunderstandings

Another Construction Manager Skill Sets Needed for Success is negotiating with all project stakeholders. At times, there must be some give and take when it comes to changing plans, budgeting, obtaining resources, scheduling employees, and delays. Managers must learn to disagree without being disagreeable to be professionals.

Budgeting and Technology Skills Are Two of the Most Important Skills

Construction Software And Technology
Construction Software And Technology

Construction projects start with a building plan and a financial plan which is one of the largest responsibilities a manager has. Material, equipment, supplies, and labor costs must be outlined in detail to avoid going over budget or running short of money. Managers must be able to track project spend accurately to reach clients’ goals.

Managers must use the latest construction software and technology for completing projects. Mobile phones, laptops, and tablets are ideal for communicating, staying within budget, and being on schedule. Phones keep leaders in touch with all parties, prevent shouting, and limit going from one project to another project site. Managers that use the latest technology appear to be the most successful.

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