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How Do You Decide an Information Technology Career Is Right for You?

Information Technology Career Path

The answer to this question applies to those who have not entered the full-time workforce and those who want to change jobs or careers. An information technology career is not for everyone but may be right for you. Before you spend the time and money training and educating yourself for this type of work, you […]

6 Current Examples Of Information Technology For Students To Grasp

Information Technology

New technologies and upgrades of existing technologies are coming forth at a faster pace. Businesses and consumers demand the latest advances to work faster and smarter for a competitive edge and personal benefit. Information technology students encounter these in their training and prospective students have used or at least heard of many of them. Six current […]

Why Our Economy Runs on Information Technology

Information Technology Program

We have harnessed information technology, and it has changed the way we transact business on the internet. With it, we have forged a new economy by creating and using e-commerce to buy, sell, and communicate online. People all across the globe no longer have to worry about time, distance, language, culture, and currency differences. Millions […]

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