Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing careers in the U.S. today. As the population rises and older Americans live longer, they will need more medical attention. If you are thinking about working in this industry, you will need a college degree, people skills, and a mastery of details for a healthcare administration career.

Armed with a college degree and the right skills and credentials, you may launch an entry-level position in one of these medical facilities:

  • Physician’s office
  • Dental Office
  • Clinic
  • Hospital
  • Nursing Home
  • Health Department

Healthcare administrators may transfer to working in a hospital in the future which takes some additional experience and training. You will be better prepared for your first job and career by developing the following skills and knowledge.

Develop High-Quality People Skills for a Healthcare Administration Career

Healthcare Administration Career Skills
Healthcare Administration Career Skills

Healthcare positions require successful people skills when dealing with an individual’s health and life. Sometimes, even a small mistake can cause serious injury to a patient. Spot-on written and oral directions and accurate medical records are keys to providing the best healthcare. Become prepared for this job to prevent mismanagement and poor business decisions. Here are some tips for developing high-quality people skills:

  • Be an exemplary leader – Lead by example by getting involved in week-to-week department activities. Building positive relationships by trusting others and rewarding them for work well done.
  • Develop transparency and accountability – Be honest with everyone inside and outside your organization to build rapport. Don’t withhold ideas or good intentions and take accountability for your mistakes.
  • Teach strong teamwork – Teamwork is important not just because you can’t do everything, but also because you need other people’s ideas. Each department and professional knows their areas of expertise. Use them to the fullest when necessary.
  • Empower employees – Coach employees to succeed by delegating responsibility and authority for a smooth-working organization.

A Healthcare Administration Career: Master the Job Details Early On

Healthcare Management Programs
Healthcare Management Programs

As with any leadership position, mastering time management is critical to success. There will be interruptions and delays in regular work activities, so build some buffer time into your schedule. Discuss your job duties with your supervisor on the first or second day on the job so you have a realistic job preview of what’s expected of you.

Attend the first week’s orientation and participate in all the on-the-job training that is presented to you. Reflect on what you learned in college and apply the tips your instructors gave you. Make sure you are up-to-date and informed on the procedures and policies required in your position.

 “If you are thinking about working in this industry, you will need a college degree, people skills, and a mastery of details for a                                                  healthcare administration career.“

Hire Employees Who Want To Improve The Department

Hiring new people who look good on paper is not enough in today’s healthcare environment. Be selective as a leader, and hire self-starters to want to enact change for both patients and other employees. Add these items to the list of positives you need from them:

  • They need a positive and quality experience
  • People who are open to change
  • Willingness to provide the best quality service.
  • Ability to keep emergencies and negative issues from arising
  • Follow the organization’s policies and procedures

The Future Of A Healthcare Administration Career

The Future Of A Healthcare Administration Career
The Future Of A Healthcare Administration Career

The future of a healthcare administration career looks bright because it is one of those jobs that cannot be shipped out of the country. Here is a summary of why healthcare is growing:

  • More people have access to healthcare today which increases services
  • Americans are living longer and demand more healthcare
  • Immigration is on the rise in many states
  • Diabetes, cancer, and heart disease are still major health problems
  • New medical technology attracts more patients

Earn the right degree, and become part of this growing industry.

Earn The Right College Degree For Your Career

For an excellent educational experience, enroll in ITI Technical College’s Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in our Healthcare Administration Program. Upon graduating, you will have the credentials to start an entry-level job.

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