Two significant reasons to enter a career in healthcare exist today. One is the need to assist patients with the best care possible. Second is the demand for qualified workers in this fast-growing industry. Medical coding and its associated position medical billing is a service provided in virtually all medical facilities in the U.S.

Medical coding falls under the category of medical records management. Doctor’s notes, diagnoses, treatments, and medications are converted into an alpha-numeric coding system and entered into databases. The reports are then sent to the billing department where billers send the patient claims to insurance companies for payment. If you are interested in a healthcare career that is fast to enter, consider medical coding and its rewards.

What a Career Entails

Medical Billing And Collection CycleMedical coding and billing are part of any healthcare facility’s medical records and health information system. These professionals keep accurate patient records in databases and bill insurance companies for patient claims that keep the cash flowing in.

Without accurate record keeping, patients’ health and lives could be in danger of incorrect care or wrong medications. Nurses and doctors refer back to data stored by medical coders when following up on patients’ visits. It is vital that mistakes are not present when converting medical information into alpha-numeric coding. A career in medical coding is fulfilling and rewarding no matter where coders and billers work.

A Career in Medical Coding Exudes with Worker Demand

The healthcare industry is currently one of the five fastest-growing U.S. industries. Medical records and health information management are vital parts of this dynamic service. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), these survey facts look super for this career:


Survey Items Results
2020 Median Pay $45,240 Per Year or $21.75 Per Hour
Job Outlook 2020-2030 9% Growth Rate
Number of Existing Jobs in 2020 416,400
Job Growth 2020-2030 +37,100 Jobs
Typical Entry-level Education Postsecondary Training

Medical coding and billing are included in these statistics, and as long as our population continues to expand, jobs will continue to grow.

“Medical coding and its associated position medical billing is a service provided in virtually all medical facilities in the U.S. Medical coding falls under the category of medical records management.”

Work in These Facilities with a Career in Medical Coding

Medical Coding TrainingNow that you know about the demand for medical records and health information specialists, you will be interested to know where the jobs are. They are found nationwide in:

  • Doctor’s and Dentist’s Offices
  • Clinics and Hospitals
  • Health Departments
  • Insurance Companies
  • Physical and Mental Rehabilitation
  • Birth Centers and Blood Banks
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers

The services provided in these facilities help keep people in sound health and alive. You can become a crucial part of this great work while keeping accurate patient records. Work behind the scenes finding fulfillment in helping patients of all ages with different health conditions.

 A Career in These Areas Looks Promising

As an example of where jobs are numerous in hospitals, look at the results of a nationwide survey taken in January 2022. The following states are ranked beginning with the highest:

 State                                             Hospitals

Texas                                                    915

California                                             553

Florida                                                 372

New York                                             287

Pennsylvania                                        282

Ohio                                                    251

Illinois                                                  242

Georgia                                                212

Louisiana                                             210

North Carolina                                    210

There are 8,214 total hospitals in the U.S. and by including all the clinics, doctor’s offices, and other medical facilities, you can see the potential is great for a career in medical coding

A Career in Medical Coding Through Earning a Certificate

Medical Coding SchoolThe fast-track way to enter a career in medical coding is by earning a Certificate from an accredited school. ITI Technical College in Baton Rouge has been training technical students for meaningful careers since 1873.

Join us today to begin your medical coding and billing education. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to each student’s success. Our graduation rates are high and our students are successful in obtaining entry-level jobs.

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