Did you know that there are literally hundreds of medical providers and insurance companies around the United States that are willing to pay you to work from home? If you are looking for a flexible career where you can have a better work-life balance with more time for family, then a full-time or part-time medical billing and coding job with the option to work from home could be perfect for you.

With a home-based medical billing and coding position, you will be able to work at your own pace. In many cases, you may also be able to choose your own hours, and most importantly, most medical billing and coding professionals still earn a competitive salary working from home. Getting started in the industry is relatively simple when you have medical coding training, and you can develop your skills by earning your Medical Coding Certificate from ITI Technical College in Baton Rouge.

What are the Benefits of Medical Billing and Coding from Home?

A better work-life balance is one of the most significant advantages for people who work from home. However, many stays at home professionals enjoy other appealing reasons for working from home, and these are not insignificant.

If you choose to study medical billing and coding and work from home, you will be able to reduce or even eliminate your commuting expenses. Without the need to drive to work, you can save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on gas every year. Additionally, fuel costs are not the only commuting expense you may potentially save on by working from home. Working at home also means running your vehicle less frequently, which will keep the miles low and reduce maintenance frequency. You will also likely save on consumable costs including tires and brakes due to driving fewer miles each day.

Medical Billing and Coding

Studies have recently emerged showing that individuals who work at home may be even more productive than counterparts who work in an office environment, which is another potential advantage to consider. Individuals in these studies often attribute higher productivity to a less stressful environment with a quieter atmosphere. Fewer distractions mean that stay-at-home professionals may be able to accomplish more in a shorter period, which in turn gives them more time to spend with friends and family.

If you want to have more freedom while performing a job that is rewarding and stimulating, then enrolling in medical coding school could be the best move for your career.

Training Needed

Medical billing and coding are arguably one of the best stay-at-home career options because there are many facets of the industry, and prospective entrants can gain an education and become qualified in a relatively short period of time. In many cases, you can complete medical coding certification or training in just 12 months of full-time study. Throughout your classes, you will learn industry-standard coding languages which will enable you to work for healthcare providers and insurance companies.

If you are just graduating high school, or even if you want to make a move from another career, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. A shorter study time means reduced debt, and you will enter gainful employment faster than many other graduates in different fields of study.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Medical Records and Health Information Technicians, which encompasses medical billing and coding specialists, earned a median annual income of $39,180 in 2017, which is a competitive salary for a career with strong potential and the ability to work from home. Additionally, different fields within the medical community have the potential to earn even more, allowing your career can take you places if you are focused and make a good impression on your employer.

As you progress in your career though, keep in mind that higher-paying positions might require you to give up your work-from-home lifestyle and make a move to an office environment. The highest-paid coders are typically supervisors and team leaders, and these individuals are usually required to be onsite at least part of the time. Ultimately, your career will depend on your individual needs, your lifestyle flexibility, and the available opportunities in or near your area.

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