There is little doubt that male employees dominate the construction industry across the globe and in the United States. Industry experts estimate that 9% of the workers currently in the field are women with the remaining 91% comprised of men. In the past, women in the construction industry have reported unfair treatment and even sexual harassment in the workplace. As a result, many women choose to seek a different line of work. Things are changing, however, and the construction industry now promotes a much more tolerant workplace than ever before.

Women Are Going to Fill a Worker Shortage

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Candidly, we are no longer in a place, logistically, where we can refuse to hire women into the construction industry. What we are looking at is a worker shortage and relying on men alone when there are plenty of skilled women in the field is a mistake. For example, if there is a job that requires a very specific type of professional, there is no sense in flying a man into the area if a woman is able to do the job. Treating both men and women as equals in the construction industry is more important than ever before. If you are a woman and you have been considering construction manager training, then there has never been a better time.

Women Bring a New Perspective

Case studies have shown that women are bringing a new and alternative perspective into the workforce. This means giving us a brand new way to solve problems and perhaps solutions that we never even considered. Women at construction sites bring a lot to the table, from compensating for labor shortages, all the way to problem-solving. Efficiency will be higher, and this is a direct result of workplace equality.

Barriers to Entry into the Field

If women are so valuable in the industry then why are there so few of them right now? What is going on here? The problem is that gender bias has always been a thing in every single society, even ours. If you look around, you are going to realize a disturbing norm. Young boys mow the lawn and work on cars while young girls do domestic work inside the house. Some say this is nature and others say that it is nurture. If we were to throw nurture aside and give young women more of a chance to excel, then we would likely witness a drastic shift within the construction industry as a whole.

The Push for More Women in the Field

ITI Technical College LogoIf we want to see more women in construction management, we are going to need to eliminate gender bias. This means helping eliminate harassment in the workplace, and most importantly, starting from the bottom to make sure that we provide women the same opportunities as men. All individuals have the potential to live up to if we allow them to!

If you are a woman looking to further your career and break the stereotypes of this male-dominated field, then you need to give ITI Technical College a call or view our website to learn more about the construction management field. It will not be too long before you are working towards a new career and taking your life in an entirely new direction! Your efforts will also help revolutionize the industry. Remember, if you believe you may not be able to afford to attend ITI Technical College, financial aid is available for those who qualify. Do not let this deter you from starting your lucrative new career!



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