Can You Earn a Good Living In Construction Management?

Construction Management Jobs

Construction jobs are coming back in record numbers following the COVID pandemic. With this growth, there are some challenges to overcome such as labor shortages, potential price increases, higher interest rates, and supply chain disruptions. Despite these issues, home and commercial construction is moving forth. Today’s construction managers must be well-trained beyond the basics of […]

What Is Electrical Automation Technology?

Electrical Automation Training

Automation and electronic systems technology is gaining prominence in manufacturing and processing facilities around the globe. Products are created more efficiently, with less human error, and at less cost. Although automation eliminates some types of jobs, it creates others. It is part of the third industrial revolution that has laid the foundation for the fourth […]

Is A Medical Coding Certificate Worth It?

Electrical Automation Technology Technician

Healthcare is the fastest-growing industry in America and globally. It made up 19.7% of the U.S. economy in 2020 and is still increasing. As people live longer and the population still grows, more of us will demand healthcare in its various forms. All jobs within this industry grow along with it including Medical Coding and […]

What Skills Do I Need To Pursue A Degree In Process Technology?

Process Technology Degree

Anyone pursuing a degree in process technology can gain the knowledge and develop the skills for this career. It is helpful if students already possess to some degree the basic skills they will further develop in college. For example, they need to enhance their oral and written communication abilities. If they will work on these […]

What Kind Of Job Can I Do With Information Technology?

IT Jobs

Entry-level information technology (IT) jobs are available in a variety of positions for those who are prepared for success. Earning an associate degree in IT is the recommended way to obtain them. Positions range from creating websites to networking to IT support specialists and more. Now is the best time to explore the field if […]

Is HVAC A Good Career Path?

HVAC Program

If you like to work with your hands and mind as well as meet new people, a career in HVAC may be for you. Technicians enjoy diagnosing and solving business and homeowners’ heating and cooling issues. They work in a variety of conditions such as on job sites, in offices, in warehouses, and sometimes in […]

What Is Process Technology & What Types Of Careers Will A Degree In Process Technology Offer?

Process Technology Degree

Process technology careers involve the use of equipment, techniques, systems and materials to aid in the production of products or services. A career in process technology grows as our industrial base grows. Process technicians monitor and improve manufacturing and processing in factories and various plants. Many different industries hire process technicians from chemical to power […]

Benefits of Going to a Technical College

Technical School

Technical college benefits are numerous and can be a great way to jump start your career. High school students planning further education after graduation typically have four choices: Technical College Community College University Military If you want technical training for jobs using your hands and your mind, then a technical college may be right for […]

What Does An Office Administrator Do?

Office Administration Classes

Anyone aspiring to have an office administrator career should earn an associate degree and perform superbly in their first entry-level job. With more on-the-job training and experience, office assistants can move up the ladder to other administrative positions. An Office Administrator Career is an essential part of the management team of any organization. They assume […]