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Process Technology Degree

Each year brings new technologies or upgrades of existing ones, and process technology is no exception. Companies change them regularly worldwide, especially the speed of transforming to Industry 4.0. This means business and industry are making significant advances in automating their traditional processing and manufacturing equipment and systems.

Global competition is currently fierce, and there’s no time to waste in making changes for improvement. Companies are learning to serve customers in more efficient ways and becoming more adaptable and flexible. Three of the latest industry trends in process technology include:

  • Balancing Production Between Local and Global Markets
  • Improving Artificial Intelligence Coordination with Human Workers
  • Designing Products with More 3D Printing

Prospective employees can join these fast-paced industry trends by earning an associate degree in process technology.

Changing Technology Brings Opportunities for PTEC Technicians

Graduates with an associate degree can move forward along with industry trends. Numerous opportunities are presenting themselves for well-trained PTEC technicians in many states. The industries that typically hire technicians are:

Process Technology Associate Degree

  • Aeronautics
  • Ceramics and glass
  • Chemical producers
  • Food and beverage
  • Manufacturing facilities in general
  • Natural Gas production
  • Paper and pulp producers
  • Petroleum exploration and refining
  • Power and energy plants
  • Textiles and clothing
  • Water and waste-water treatment

Technicians find new opportunities such as working with new processing equipment, advancing within their companies through promotions, and gaining new skills. With experience, many transfer to another company location or go to work for another organization. Process Technology technicians also work with the latest trends in the industry that make their jobs fascinating.

Balancing Production Between Local and Global Markets

As world conditions and economies become increasingly more complex, companies must strike a balance between supplying local and global markets. International travel has slowed, disasters are occurring, and politics are becoming more confusing. These factors and more make it more difficult to stay competitive.

Process Technology Associate Degree (AOS)Companies across the board are seeking ways to harness technology solutions to create and distribute their goods and services. We must optimize these solutions amid scarce resources to reach those people and businesses that need these products and services. Emerging countries are increasing demand for American-made products. To reach them and current customers, business and industry must find that balance between local and global markets.

“Global competition is currently fierce, and there’s no time to waste in making changes for improvement. Companies are learning to serve customers in more efficient ways and becoming more adaptable and flexible.”

Improving Artificial Intelligence (AI) Coordination with Humans

Process technicians find their jobs both challenging and rewarding as they incorporate more AI into their processing equipment, devices, and systems. Artificial intelligence will be a key factor in creating and delivering goods and services. It will take the place of many human efforts that become limited due to circumstances and human error.

Process Technology College in Baton RougeProcess Technology College in Baton Rouge

George Young, global managing director of Kalypso Company informs us that:

  • “AI will be the standard for addressing business challenges
  • Humans must learn to interact with AI effectively
  • We must better understand user needs and value
  • Adapting AI designs and models is a must
  • Adoption of AI applications must be improved.”

These exciting opportunities await process technicians who are qualified to work with them.

Designing Products with More 3D Printing

3D printing consists of constructing a three-dimensional object with the use of a CAD model or a digital 3D model. This process reduces the strain on supply chains during high product demand and material shortages. 3D printing and traditional processes are used to make current and new parts that work more effectively.

Other advantages of 3D that are welcome in all industries include:

  • Lower production and processing costs
  • Products manufactured closer to the customer
  • Less supply chain disruption
  • Allows most advanced products to enter markets
  • Better and more sustainable products and services

Process Technology TrendsTechnicians with a college degree will be equipped to work well with these benefits and improve their company’s bottom lines. There’s more to manufacturing trends than meets the eye.

Earn Your Degree in Process Technology At a Technical College

You will be well-equipped to work with the latest industry trends in process technology with a college degree. Explore ITI Technical College’s Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in this program and be ready to take on the world in an entry-level job.

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