The English essayist Joseph Addison once said, “He who hesitates is lost.” This thought applies to the manufacturing industry because companies that don’t keep up with the competition typically fail. Although there is more than one component that must be innovative, advancing process technology in manufacturing is essential. Contact us today to learn more about our Associate of Process Technology (AOS) Degree.

The U.S. must not only compete with other industrialized leaders, up-and-coming countries have made recent strides in manufacturing. They have growing populations that need jobs and their advancing manufacturing industries are supplying them.

Our manufacturing industry is under fire and will continue to be because of:

  • International technological advances
  • Globalization of products
  • Consumer preferences change
  • Government regulations on business

Each of these factors contributes to manufacturing competitiveness and must be considered.

Advancing Process Technology In Manufacturing Leads the Way

 When it comes to manufacturing competitiveness, technological advances differentiate the top global companies from the rest of the crowd. These positive moves make them stand out even when the international bar rises. Manufacturers want every one of their products to be as perfect as possible and perfection is growing nearer with new technologies.

Process Technology In Manufacturing
Process Technology In Manufacturing

Manufacturers want to increase production efficiency, and safety, and reduce errors by using:

  • Robotics in the production line and their efficiency soon pay for their costs.
  • Artificial Intelligence is implemented more often to compile huge amounts of data for intelligent machine learning.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is an overall factor to describes the way objects use the internet to communicate.

There are currently more than 1 million robots used globally in production lines and the end is not in sight. Their effectiveness is tremendous in reducing human errors and decreasing material waste. The IoT allows machines and equipment to communicate with each other to detect and react to problems in real-time. AI can detect defects and report them to increase manufacturing accuracy. The resulting time and cost savings are lifesavers for corporations.

Globalization Of Products Depends On Product Advancing Process Technology In Manufacturing

Advancing Process Technology
Advancing Process Technology

As more people purchase and use a product, competing companies arise to attempt to make the product faster, better, or cheaper and begin its distribution. These moves create more competition for the original producer and the owners must find ways to deal with this. If the product has international appeal, the stress to compete is heightened.

The best way to combat this situation is for manufacturers to use advanced process technology to keep up with or stay ahead of global marketers. By employing the latest improvements already discussed, companies have a chance to stay alive.

“Companies that don’t keep up with the competition typically fail. Although there is more than one component of manufacturing that must be innovative, process technology is the essential one.”

Consumer Preferences Must Have Fast Responses

Process Technology Associate Degree
Process Technology Associate Degree

Consumer preferences change often and manufacturers and producers must respond to their needs as quickly as possible. Advanced technologies allow them to create these goods and make them ready for marketing and distribution.

Marketing research will uncover new niches as well as a deeper understanding of current markets for the company’s production. The three technologies we have discussed thus far will allow faster production of prototypes and marketing tests of them. Once sales take off, the processing lines will be able to keep up with demand subject to the delivery of raw materials and adequate labor.

Changing Government Policies Can Directly Impact Production Lines

Owners of manufacturing facilities and processing plants can never underestimate new governmental changes that may come their way. They may restrict or allow more sales of existing and new products to global markets or limit the importation of some raw materials.

If sales are restricted, new or modified technologies will be needed to produce more with limited resources and/or be able to keep prices at normal levels. Federal and state policies vary depending on which political party is in charge. In turn, the production industry must make flexible long-term plans for its products, customers, and employees.

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