Are you looking to further your education in hopes of one day getting a job in your field? As of 2015, studies show that only 14% of college graduates had a job lined up for them in their field. It really is sad how many students graduate and never get a career that pertains to their field of academic study – especially among art students, there is a struggle. The key is to go into a profession where there is always a need; a field that is always hiring. It is said that first business, then computer and technology, engineering, math and statistics, health professions and medical related sciences, communications technology, engineering technologies, communications and journalism, liberal arts and science/general studies and humanities, science technologies, and education and teaching are the best career options for those who wish to find a job in their field after graduating college. Our Office Admin School can give you a bright future to you.

What does ITI Technical College offer?

Office Admin School

Founded in 1973 by Earl J. Martin, Jr. and opened in 1979, we are proud of the success we have seen here at the Office Administration program in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. For over forty years we have taught, trained, and equipped technicians who have since gone nationwide with their experience. From medical coding and billing to business office admin training, construction management, and electrical technology, we offer a whole gamut of technology-based career options. We even offer financial aid to those struggling to make ends meet because we want your dreams for higher education to come true.

Our mission at ITI Technical College is to cultivate your passion and show you how to excel in your skills and vocation. We want you to be able to fulfill your dreams in a shorter amount of time. There is no need to spend 7-8 years studying and taking exams. We make professionals in a short amount of time by teaching you all you need to know about your field of study and giving you the hands-on experience you will need after you graduate. Once you begin your career, you will possess a wealth of knowledge on which you can reflect, and continue to learn.

We are here for our students every step of the way and are proud of their accomplishments. We feel fortunate to be a part of these ever-advancing technical teams. When it comes to personal goals, we encourage our students to reach for the sky – and when they do, and they succeed, we could not be happier.

Start your career in the business office admin program!

If you are serious about getting a job after graduation, consider an office admin career. We want to help you achieve your goal as much as we can, so call or email us today with any questions or concerns you may have. Come visit the campus, meet our students and staff, check out our programs, and begin applying for our scholarships. See if ITI Technical College is the place for you. We would like you to be a part of our Office Admin School program in Baton Rouge. Are you ready to enroll in our fall program to begin the journey of your career?


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