You can start your construction business by taking the right steps and doing your research. Before you launch, make sure to create a plan that outlines all of the necessary tasks you need to complete before officially starting your business. Many men and women dream of starting their own construction business every year. If you have what it takes to be your own boss, you may be able to pull it off. First, you need formal training and adequate experience before you go out on your own.

If you already possess some essential skills and knowledge, you have a head start on earning a construction management (AOS) degree. Some people attempt self-employment without a college degree but they are handicapping themselves.

You will learn a lot from the instructors at a technical college you will not pick up on your own. Other students will also share some of their experiences and expertise with you. Between both groups, you will come out ahead, and being your own boss will be much easier.

Start Your Construction Business By Getting an Education

For those of you who live in Louisiana, an extraordinary place to obtain an AOS degree in construction management is ITI Technical College in Baton Rouge. Learn the essentials from experts in residential and commercial construction projects, including:

  • Introduction to management, materials, and methods
  • Mechanical and electrical systems
  • Plan and drawing reading and quantity takeoff
  • Building construction and cost estimating
  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Managing workers, ethics, safety, and project control

Students also learn construction mathematics, technical writing, communication skills, industry software, and elective courses. Students take field trips work on real-life simulations and receive hands-on training that you will remember. It can’t get any better than that.

Work For Someone Else First For Experience

Start Your Construction BusinessEven though you obtain an associate degree and have some basic work experience, you need to work for a construction business for a year or two. You may be surprised how much practical training you will pick up during this time.

Be careful about telling your employer you want to start your own business. After all, you will be going into competition with him or her. You will learn more about:

  • Specific types of work people need in your area
  • Tools and equipment you will need
  • Costs of doing business
  • Where to locate suppliers
  • Permits your customers will need
  • Client and third-party relations
“You need formal training and adequate experience before you go out on your own.”

Study The Markets In Your Desired Areas

Not all cities, counties, or even states have the same markets for carpenters, remodelers, or new home contractors. Common construction projects you can consider first are:

  • Remodeling rooms
  • Door and window replacement
  • Building decks, patios, or pergolas
  • Replacing trims, moldings, or floors
  • Building garages or sheds
  • Building kitchen and bath cabinets
  • Replacing roofing

You can learn more about available markets that may interest you by observing what is going on in your city. Check with materials suppliers, architects, engineers, chambers of commerce, and other construction companies to get ideas. Some new business owners specialize in small projects that are easy to handle and produce higher profits, and then move into larger ones.

Create A Realistic Business Plan

“Fail to plan and you plan to fail” is something we have heard before, and it is still true. Even a rudimentary plan is better than none. You need a well-constructed professional business plan for the first three years of your new endeavor.

Start Your Construction BusinessThe U.S. Small Business Administration has SCORE counselors who will help you create a sound business plan free of charge. They also provide professional advice on all business functions you will encounter. Conduct online research to also learn all you can about plans and how to operate your construction business.

The more time you spend upfront planning your business, the easier it will be and you will make fewer mistakes. Hire the best employees you can find and train them well for success.

Start Your Construction Business And Go To Work

Once you earn a degree and gain some experience, it is time to complete your credentials. The following list is relatively easy to obtain and do not delay getting it all together:

  • Purchase the correct business insurance
  • Become licensed and bonded
  • Review your business plan
  • Obtain necessary financing
  • Purchase your tools and equipment
  • Purchase a truck or van
  • Select the best advertising and promotion tools

Obtain some software packages that explain how to start a construction business and build houses. Find some customers and obtain referrals from them. Construction is an exciting career, apply yourself fully every day, and enjoy it. Call us today at (877) 591-1070 for more information about all our programs!

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