There are many career paths for drafting and design students to take. There are six major job opportunities to pursue for a challenging and rewarding future. They are found in many industries that need qualified artisans to design products and draw plans for businesses, homes, and government agencies.         

Drafting and design professionals contribute ideas and meaningful work for civil, mechanical, and electronic engineering, architects, product developers, advertising, and publishing companies. Their work is also used extensively in government and military departments to further their objectives. Contact ITI Technical College today for more information!     

Knowing what options are before you allow some advanced planning for your career specialty in drafting and design. The following six career paths have entry-level jobs that may appeal to you and your work-life plans.                                                                      

Electrical And Electronic Drafting Is A Growing Field

Electrical And Electronic Drafting
Electrical And Electronic Drafting

There is a growing need for electrical and electronic devices and drawings in communication, computer, and automation technologies. Drafters in this arena prepare initial and advanced wiring and assembly plans for:

  • Commercial, residential, and industrial applications
  • Installing and repairing electrical equipment
  • Wiring power plants and distribution systems
  • Circuit boards and layout drawings
  • Electronic components and systems

Professionals use CAD and CADD software for applying technical knowledge and skills to plans, sketches, and drawings. They coordinate their work with electrical/electronic engineers, computer engineers, project managers, plant operators, and related professionals.

Civil Drafting Is Tied To Infrastructure

Bridges And Overpasses Infrastructures
Bridges And Overpasses Infrastructures

If you like working outdoors, civil drafting may be for you. This division works with many parts of our infrastructure at local, state, and federal levels, including:

  • Topographical Maps
  • Highways and Streets
  • Bridges and Overpasses
  • Dams and Levees
  • Flood-control Projects
  • Pipelines, Aqueducts, Canals

Civil drafters convert projects designed by civil engineers and architects into detailed and technical working drawings for their construction. They use effective CAD software such as AutoCAD, Civil 3D, and REVIT to create masterful drawings and plans. Their work must reflect accuracy and knowledge of appropriate drafting practices.

Mechanical Drafter Is One Of The Career Paths for Drafting and Design Professionals

Mechanical drafters create layouts with specifications, dimensions, fastening methods, materials, details, and other requirements for assembling products. The items typically include machinery, mechanical tools and devices, medical equipment, components, and molds. Their drawings support the work of mechanical and industrial engineers. Drafters may work for:

  • Contract firms
  • Electro-mechanical firms
  • Engineering firms
  • Manufacturing companies
“Drafting and design professionals contribute ideas and meaningful work for civil, mechanical, and electronic    engineering, architects, product developers, advertising, and publishing companies.”

Career Paths for Drafting and Design Professionals In The Construction Industry

Drafting and Design Professionals In The Construction Industry
Drafting and Design Professionals In The Construction Industry

The largest user of architectural drafting services is the construction industry. This work appeals to students who like designing homes and business buildings. Drafters may specialize in one type of structure such as homes, commercial buildings, industrial plants, types of materials used in structures, or manufacturing facilities.

Architectural drafting is one of the most popular career paths to follow because there are thousands of new homes, new businesses, and business expansions each year. The variety of work is tremendous and engaging for the novice or advanced drafting student.

Manufacturing Drafters Draw Amazing Products

Manufacturing drafters specialize in designing and drawing products that are mass-produced in factories or custom-made in specialty shops. These items may include but are not limited to:

  • Appliances
  • Automotive
  • Boats
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Sporting Equipment

New companies and new product patents spring up every month and need drafters to create accurate drawings for product production and distribution. An endless variety of consumer and commercial items are placed for sale each year, and without manufacturing drafters, they would never reach this point.

Illustrators And Designers’ Career Path

Drafting and Design Careers
Drafting and Design Careers

Illustrators begin with a concept and create an image to represent that concept. These professionals can design with computer software or manually with art methods like paint, pencil, or charcoal. They may be employed by businesses, nonprofit organizations, the government, or work as self-employed freelance designers. 

Students can find employment as designers without being involved in the drafting stage. Design is more similar to illustrating than drafting because it transforms ideas into sketches or drawings that are not initially complete. Earn your degree, find a good entry-level job, and go to work in the career of your dreams.

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