If you can see yourself in the role of a construction manager in the future, then you’re going to need the right qualification. Most employers require entry level managers to hold a degree awarded from a construction project management school, and an Associate Degree in Occupational Studies (AOS) would be a huge benefit to your career prospects. At the ITI Technical College in Baton Rouge, you can study for an AOS in Construction Management, and if you’re interested, then it would be beneficial to know exactly what is involved.

Requirements for Graduating ITI Technical College

Construction Manager CertificationAn Associate of Occupational Studies Degree at ITI Technical College will take at least two years to complete. The course has been designed to prepare you for the challenges of a construction project management role, providing you with the skills and knowledge that are most relevant to your industry. While this type of project management shares similarities with other industries, there are a number of specific areas that are unique to construction. To meet the requirements for graduation, you will need to satisfactorily demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the core course.

Mathematics is a key part of construction management, and you will need to enter the course with a fundamental understand of general mathematics and algebra. Experience in drafting from high school or another industry could be beneficial to you throughout your studies. Advanced mathematics learning during the course will include trigonometry and geometry.

Another aspect of the core syllabus is understanding the materials and methods used in construction. As a professional construction project manager, you will need to define the materials, tools, and methods used for any particular project. These materials can differ depending on the type of construction and what it will be used for, and cost may also impact the material selection. You will be required to retain the knowledge provided during tuition, and demonstrate the ability to come up with appropriate, practical, and cost effective solutions for construction scenarios.

As you progress further into your Associate of Occupational Studies Degree, you will learn and later be required to demonstrate the ability to understand and interpret plans (infrastructure/utilities, architectural, and civil drawings), and prepare cost estimation and project planning around these plans. This part of the course is vitally important, because it closely reflects what you would be doing in a real scenario once you enter employment.

One thing that some construction manager certification students underestimate is the need to interact with, manage, and influence construction team members. As a project manager, you will need to define staffing requirements, and you will need to coordinate teams and delegate tasks. A significant aspect of the program is focused on management techniques and interpersonal skills that will allow you to develop strong relationships while in employment.

These key course requirements and other areas of learning are continually assessed throughout the year, and are combined with quiz and assignment grading to make a final representative grade at the end of the course.

Applying for Construction Manager Certification School at ITI

ITI Technical CollegeThe application structure at the ITI Technical College is simple. Give us a call or apply online, and we will begin the process. Beginning with a personal interview, we will assess your previous educational achievements, aptitude for learning, and interest in the course. If granted admission to the school, then we can help you to apply for financial assistance if necessary. All that’s left after that is to prepare for your learning experience at ITI.

If you want to learn how to manage construction projects, then there’s really no better way to do it than with a degree from ITI. Training is individualized, which means that you receive personal assistance whenever necessary, and you will be supported by an expert faculty that boasts both academic knowledge and practical experience in the construction industry. Talk to us today to get things started, and get ready for an exciting career in one of America’s most in-demand industries.


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