Have you ever wondered how the future of technology will change as society progresses? Have you ever wondered when your living room is going to look more like the bridge from Star Trek? We might not be quite there yet, but we are making some serious improvements, and 2018 is looking better than ever before. Today we are going to examine some improvements and changes that we can expect to see in 2018.

If you choose to study information technology classes at an accredited institute such as ITI Technical College, you could find yourself at the forefront of these technological improvements. You may even be able to affect the entire industry in a meaningful way and contribute to the future of technology in ways you never even imagined.

Facial Recognition will Shape 2018

Datacenter managerWhile this was once the domain of science fiction, we are seeing a lot more facial recognition applications in the security industry. Apple has already deployed a facial recognition program for their latest iPhone, which allows the user to literally log in using their face. Not only is that cool, but it is also far more convenient and enables faster login. Apple might have decided to roll this out first, but we are sure to see it used in other technologies soon enough.

Solid-State Drives are Taking Over

The days of the mechanical hard drive are over as solid-state drives, or SSD takes their rightful place at the head of the storage industry. Without the mechanical searching required by a platter system, programs load nearly instantaneously and provide a much better experience overall. Some tablets already utilize solid-state drives, and many PC manufacturers are using them to create a more fluid user experience – even if the SSD is only the master drive with a mechanical slave drive backup.

Cloud Storage Will Take Off

Cloud storage is not a new concept, but most industry experts agree that cloud technology is becoming the norm in 2018. Rather than using typical hard drive storage, many organizations are depending on cloud storage, due to its convenience and its security. By outsourcing the responsibility for your data, you are removing a substantial burden and opening up your organization to more opportunities.

Internet-Based Laptops Are Becoming the Norm

We are going to start seeing a significant increase in the number of internet-based laptops, such as Chromebooks, which only access the internet and perform basic word processing. Since Internet-based laptops rely on the internet rather than a hard drive, they are much less expensive than conventional computers, and they still achieve the same functionality most users demand. They operate much like a smartphone, but with the convenience of a laptop.

Virtual Reality is Invading our World

As 2018 moves along, we are going to see much more virtual reality. While the gaming industry almost exclusively uses virtual reality technology currently, we may start seeing this technology used in everyday applications like web browsing very soon. In our opinion, the future is about to get very interesting.

There is little doubt that 2018 is going to be an amazing year for technology and honestly, what else could you have possibly expected? ITI Technical College can help give you the edge you need to really jump into the industry and work in a variety of different environments. Whether you are looking to work in information security, or you are planning to do something much more elaborate, ITI has the dedicated, experienced instructors you need. Our institute also grants students access to the most advanced technology that will take their education to the next level. Call ITI Technical College today and get a head start in the technology industry!



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