We have all heard the only thing in life that is constant is change. This certainly applies to information technology and all its variations, and 2024 is no exception. Have you ever wondered if your desk or office is going to look more like the bridge on Star Trek? The advances in IT equipment and technology are bringing us closer to this scene.

If you want to earn an associate degree in information technology or brush up on your IT skills, consider studying at an accredited school like ITI Technical College. You will find yourself at the forefront of the latest technological improvements and prepare for a stable job. You may be able to influence and contribute to the entire industry with some innovative ideas. Let’s take a look at how information technology will continue to evolve in 2024.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Information Technology

Artificial intelligence can process visual information for advancements in computer vision. Its technologies are used in more applications such as better facial recognition, self-driving cars, and medical image analysis. These advances make our lives and world more efficient and safer. Other evolving applications include:

  • Video generation
  • Personalized digital assistants
  • Stronger security
  • Overcoming voice-cloning scams
  • Overcoming deep fakes

Companies are also using AI technology for predictive analytics, recommendation systems, process automation, diagnosing diseases, drug discovery, and business risk assessment. Financial institutions, education, agriculture, and manufacturing are also reaping the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Blockchain Will Expand In 2024

Information Technology SchoolBlockchain technology will expand beyond cryptocurrencies and be used in applications such as data management, supply chain management, and financial systems. It is one of the most revolutionary technologies of the 21st century. It is disrupting industries and transforming how the world shares information and money.


Blockchain has not reached its full evolutionary potential and performance. This technology is enabling new business models in some industries including DeFi. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a financial system to manage transactions and aims to replace centralized institutions with peer-to-peer relationships. It is a viable way to move assets, make payments, trade securities, work with insurance, lend and borrow money, and modernize financial institutions’ infrastructure.

“If you want to earn an associate degree in information technology or brush up on your IT skills, consider studying at an accredited school like ITI Technical College.”

Cybersecurity And Information Technology 

Companies are using cybersecurity, AI, and machine learning to analyze patterns, detect anomalies, and automate responses to security incidents. Biometrics and other advanced authentication methods are also expected to become more common as cybersecurity evolves.  

Cybersecurity is using more advanced data analysis capabilities for identifying and predicting cyber threats and enhancing early detection systems. ML algorithms are evolving that better recognize and respond to new threats and improve defensive activities over time.

Data Privacy Is Critical For Business And Personal Use

Data privacy is a critical problem worldwide with cyber crime on the rise. The good news is that 75% or more of the global population’s data is projected to be protected by local or national data privacy regulations during 2024.

More businesses will work to meet industry-specific compliance standards and invest in technology strategies to keep customer data safe. These evolving safety measures will help ensure the safety of sensitive data from external and internal threats.

Edge Computing And Information Technology

Edge computing will continue to evolve in 2024 and allow for real-time data processing, reduced latency, and more support for the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Industry experts predict that by 2025 organizations will create and process more than 50% of their data outside the centralized data center or cloud.

The North American computing market is witnessing significant growth in edge computing driven by the increasing adoption of IoT devices and advances in 5G technology. Edge computing complements other types of information technology that enhance the business world.

3D Printing Is Expanding Exponentially

We can expect the use of 3D printing to increase in 2024, especially with the use of metal materials. This method of production technology can produce strong and durable parts that can withstand high temperatures and pressures. Its enhanced capabilities include:

Information Technology Training

  • Faster print speeds
  • Higher resolution
  • Larger build volumes
  • Improved printing stability

The new use of several materials in production activities such as PLA filament and resins is making a substantial impact by creating stronger products. Materials that are lightweight, durable, heat and chemical resistant, and environmentally friendly are used more often. This wider range of applications enables more complex and intricate designs in the healthcare, aerospace, and automotive industries.

Information technology will continue to evolve In 2024 at an unprecedented rate that will benefit all of us. Get in on the action by earning an Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Information Technology.

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