HVAC is important in any industry, but the importance of HVAC in the shipping industry is even more so when it comes to this industry. There are so many different uses for it and to be quite honest, without it, we would see failures across the board when it comes to product deliveries. In fact, our economy would not function well without HVAC systems and we’re going to explain why. Once you understand, you’ll realize just how critical it is to earn an Air Conditioning and Electrical Technology Certificate and even take additional HVAC training to become a huge part of this growing industry.

The Importance Of HVAC Training In the Shipping Industry

Learn The Importance Of HVAC In The Shipping Industry at ITI Technical College
Learn The Importance Of HVAC In The Shipping Industry at ITI College

Have you ever looked at the food in your refrigerator? Some of it didn’t necessarily need to be refrigerated at first, but what about your fresh foods, your milk, and other items? Did you ever consider how they were refrigerated before they reached your home? That’s precisely what HVAC is for, and it all starts at the factory.

One of the greatest examples we can think of, off the top of our heads, is the DOLE salad factory in Springfield Ohio. You know, the one where all your salad comes from? There are two different sides to that factory; one that prepares and bags the salad, and the other that prepares it for shipping. Both sides of the factory are refrigerated to keep the salad at the proper temperature so that it will not rot on the way out of the factory. Naturally, this means that the workers are in cold environments always, but they find ways to compensate for it.

This is where HVAC certification like an Air Conditioning and Electrical Technology Certificate comes into play. You already know that air conditioning and refrigeration systems are crucial in a place like this, and if they manage to break down, well, you have a serious problem. At heating and air conditioning school you’ll learn how to keep these systems up and ensure that none of the product within the warehouse is ruined.

Beyond the Warehouse

While HVAC in the warehouse is very important, you must also consider HVAC outside the warehouse. In this instance, we are discussing refrigerated trucks which are without a doubt one of the most important aspects of the shipping industry. These are responsible for not only transporting goods across the country but making sure that they remain intact as they do. That fresh salad, fruit, or meat isn’t going to make it for very long if it’s not refrigerated and when those refrigeration units break down it will fall on you to fix them.

It’s the Most Important Job

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There is little doubt that the job of an HVAC technician is one of the most important in a refrigerated factory and it is not one that you should underestimate. Have you ever thought about entering this field? Are you interested in the way that it could change your life? If so then we encourage you to head over to ITI Technical College’s website and review our educational course offerings for the Air Conditioning and Electrical Technology industry. ITI College offers top-notch, highly experienced instructors and state-of-the-art facilities that will give you the hands-on experience that you really need to be effective in the field.

Give us a call today to learn more about how you can quickly become the HVAC technician that you have always dreamed of. You could make a massive difference in the industry whether you’re repairing residential units, installing air conditioners, or working on one of the massive refrigeration units that keep the food industry afloat.



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