The world of information technology is one that can become very complicated very quickly, and there are three major areas that you need to know about during your information technology training. We are going to take a moment to discuss them and prepare you for your upcoming information technology (IT) journey.

The Purpose of Function IT

Function IT is something that exists at the individual level rather than at the corporate level. In this case, we are talking about word processors and spreadsheets, but we are also talking about photo editing programs and other software. Knowledge workers and other individuals make use of function IT applications all the time, and without it, the other two areas would be null and void. The most important thing to remember, however, is that function IT requires supporting hardware.

Therefore, it is important for a company to supply that hardware to its employees. CAD software applications, for example, will require hardware including a suitable graphics card and responsive processor. Other software programs may call for faster CPUs and require additional hardware to work properly. Function IT is the most basic level that you will learn about in your information technology training, but it is one that helps the technology industry thrive.

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Network IT in Our World

Network IT creates a medium by which individuals can communicate with one another from across a building or across the globe. This form of IT brings you blogs, instant messages, e-mail, groupware, and much more. Function IT is much narrower than network IT, given that Function IT is simply a framework that allows the user to determine how they should interact with it. Network IT has been around for some time, but it truly gained recognition with the invention of the world wide web more than thirty years ago at CERN on the NeXT computing system.

Enterprise IT – The Next Level

Enterprise IT is an entirely different type of monster because it allows companies to dictate the interactions of groups within their organization. CRM and SCM technologies are two great examples, and all Enterprise IT software works from the top down. They are purchased by management or CEOs and imposed upon employees, but they are done so in the hopes of creating solutions to major problems. For example, implementing a CRM and order processing software could drastically reduce the wait times customers experience at a pharmacy due to increased efficiencies. All types of other industries can also benefit from properly implementing some form of Enterprise IT; The possibilities are endless!

Three Working as One

ITI Technical College LogoThese three IT-related components come together easily to create a more cohesive and functional work environment. This is not to say that they will solve every single problem that a workplace has, but they will contribute significantly.

If you are interested in contributing to any of these areas, then you will certainly need to make sure that you have the proper IT training. It all begins with enrolling at ITI Technical College and starting out on the road to your education. ITI Technical College employs passionate, experienced instructors who genuinely want to see their students succeed. Many of them are retired from the fields they teach about and work simply because they love teaching and training the next generation of IT experts.

For more information, give us a call today to learn about our program offerings and to begin the enrollment process. Your journey is just starting, and there is an entire world of Information Technology to explore!




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