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Data Security Mistakes that Every Company Makes

In the 21st century, data security and protection are vital, but there are still many companies making critical security mistakes. There are a few errors that virtually every single company is going to make at some point, and as you earn your information security degree, you will learn more about the other potential problems that […]

Your Digital Life – What Happened with Facebook?

Facebook has been the talk of the town in the information technology (IT) industry for several years now, but anyone who has been paying attention to the news already knows that. Approximately 87 million users were affected by the breach caused by Cambridge Analytica (CA), though initial reports put it at only 50 million users. […]

The Future of New IT Technology

Information technology is constantly evolving, and as we progress further into 2018, the industry is experiencing changes that will ultimately affect how we view technology and how it works. If you are thinking of attending an information technology school, there has never been a better time to enroll in one. This article examines three huge […]

Women Are Entering the IT Management Field at a Growing Rate

Diversity is still somewhat rare in many industries today, especially where it concerns women in the workforce. While society has made significant headway in recent years, there was a time when women rarely attended an information technology school. This unfortunate reality has led to a severe talent gap in many aspects of the information technology […]

Three Ways an IT Career is Rewarding

Over the past several years, information technology (IT) has been a fast-growing career field that provides its experts with incredible opportunities. It is safe to say that almost every company needs an IT professional in some capacity. Besides being valued in virtually every facet of a business, IT professionals enjoy a career that is dynamic, […]

Three Industries That Heavily Rely On Information Technology

Information Tecnology

If you are thinking of attending information technology school, then we would first like to say that you are making an outstanding decision. While it might seem to be a complex topic of study, it is one that will carry you through an entire career and perhaps even help you to make a difference in […]

What Does the Future of Information Technology Look Like?

Information technology moves forward in many ways, but there are a few defining factors that can easily change the way in which the entire industry is viewed. In an information technology school, you will quickly learn that security is one of the biggest challenges that the industry will be facing in the years to come. […]

Is Information Technology College the Perfect Choice for Introverts?

Do you consider yourself to be an introvert and want to find a career that is suited to your unique personality type? Many people often misunderstand introverts, with some people completely missing the point of what it means to be an introvert. Some also see the traits as being negative, when they can be very […]

Three Important Areas in Information Technology Today

The world of information technology is one that can become very complicated very quickly, and there are three major areas that you need to know about during your information technology training. We are going to take a moment to discuss them and prepare you for your upcoming information technology (IT) journey. The Purpose of Function […]

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