The demand for individuals with Information Technology (IT) training and an information security degree is the highest that it has ever been. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for Information Security Analysts predicts that 28% job outlook growth will occur through 2026 which is much higher than average. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also estimated a total number of 100,000 Security Analyst jobs in 2016, and with 28% growth occurring over the next 10 years, students who complete information security classes could be poised to start a rewarding career in a rapidly growing industry.

The Information Technology field has experienced strong job market growth for many years now, but information security professionals have only recently been in high demand.

Here we will explore the reasons for this, and why studying at an information systems security school could be a great move for your career.

Companies are Focusing on Security More Than Ever

Server ExpansionThe shortage of individuals who possess an information security degree or who have had formal information security training is growing due to increased demand in the market. There has never been a time in history that the world has been as technologically advanced or as heavily networked as it is currently. There are many advantages to the society that we live in and the technologies that we can use, but there are also downsides in the form of security threats, malicious parties, and the ever-present risk of data loss.

Businesses today store more data than ever before and digital data is commonly taking the place of traditional paper documents. Everything from payroll accounting to customer records is now stored digitally by thousands of companies across the country. In many cases, only digital records exist, making data the largest asset some businesses possess. By taking information security classes, you will learn to understand why having large amounts of digitized data can be a liability if the right security systems are not in place.

Businesses do not want to lose their data, and they do not want it exposed to unauthorized users. This massive expanse of vulnerable data is the primary reason the information technology industry needs individuals with an information security degree or some type of formal information security training.

What Security Threats Do Businesses Face?

During information security training, you will learn that security threats are not always external. Sometimes, data can be compromised due to poor training and poor company culture. If businesses do not develop a culture where security comes first, there will always be vulnerabilities.

For example, when a business relies on electronic records, but the business does not utilize any type of backup system, then all data will be lost forever if local copies are lost. As an information security degree holder, you could help small businesses implement systems that safeguard data and provide redundancy to avoid data loss, data theft, and data misuse. On-site or cloud storage backup solutions could be options that you explore when designing a data safety and retention policy.

Improper training could also lead to data loss through negligence or user error, and most modern security analysts also take an active role in designing company policy and training requirements.

Of course, if you choose to take an information technology security certification course, you will also develop the skills needed to audit networks and design security features like firewalls and antivirus deployments. Ultimately, you will learn how to minimize and mitigate data risk within an organization.

Since businesses simply cannot afford to lose their data, and because external threats are becoming more common and more sophisticated, the need for talented professionals who have passed difficult information security classes will likely always exist.

Get a Head Start in the Industry with Information Security Classes

favWith your information security degree, you will find yourself in high demand around the United States and even in international job markets. You will learn the fundamentals of IT and systems security, as well as key analytical, problem-solving, and technical skills.

If you want to be on the front line of defense for the mountains of data collected by today’s organizations, then studying at a reputable technical college would be the most logical path in your career progression. Contact ITI Technical College today to learn more about our course offerings, schedules, and more!




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