Networking in the IT industry is important for several reasons in any of its careers. Your job and career are not static and neither is the industry in which you work. Knowledge, skills, and contacts should be developed to stay on top of your game. We learn from others at work or while attending college and they can help us succeed in our work today and move forward in our endeavors.

What Is Network

Networking is meeting new people on and off the job and building relationships with them. The intent is to meet new people to open new opportunities for yourself and perhaps your employer. You can also help other people in their quest to progress in their careers.

Networking can occur in many settings any day of the week, including:

  • Casually at work
  • Casually at training
  • Formal events for networking
  • Online chats or phone calls from home
  • Any other place where you have an opportunity

Networking can occur between old friends and strangers as well as co-workers. Once you see its importance and how to get started, you will become motivated to engage in it even more.

Why Networking In The IT Industry Is Important

By creating connections with the right people at the right time, we can take steps to take our jobs and career to the next level. We learn more about remaining on the same career path or choosing another that fits our interests and talents better. These benefits are significant:

  • It can help us find a new IT job
  • We can find a new role at our current job
  • It can help us learn a new skill or two
  • We can find new and different opportunities
  • It can help us gain influential friends

Networking is a win-win proposition that goes beyond finding a job. It is a lifetime quest to move forward with our careers and help others do the same.

 How To Start Networking

Types Of NetworkingAnyone can start networking in the IT industry in simple and small ways. For example, start up a conversation with someone you don’t know at work or a seminar. It doesn’t need to be about business, and it can just be an acquainted hello. This can lead to a friendship and shared interest that provides someone to confer with in the future.

Once you have a new acquaintance, it becomes easier to talk to someone else either in person, on the phone, in emails, or on social media. You will slowly build a pool of people who can answer your questions, share interests, encourage you on, and be most helpful.

“Networking is important for several reasons in any career. Your  job and career are not static and neither is the                                                industry in which you work.”

 How To Polish Your Networking Skills In The IT Industry

Building a professional network in the IT industry can really take off once you begin. You can grow as it grows by using some polishing techniques like these:

  • Meet people through networking apps like Covet, Hivebrite, or Shape
  • Attend virtual events on vFAIRS or Linkedin
  • Always have something to offer when networking
  • Focus on engaging deeply with a few people
  • Find common interests and ground
  • Practice what you will say to others

The best way to get ahead in today’s IT world is to get to know the right people. Get started now and you will build unlimited opportunities.

Learn to Network While Earning Your Degree

Advantages Of Networking You don’t need to be engaged in an IT career to begin networking. Start building a network while earning your college degree and learn how to build upon it. ITI Technical College’s Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in our Information Technology Program is a great place to start. Learn what you need to capture an entry-level job in this growing industry by enrolling today!

In summary, networking provides these advantages that can put you ahead in a career:

  • It boosts your personal and professional confidence
  • Networking leads to exciting exchanges of ideas and opportunities
  • It is a pathway that leads to meeting professional people
  • Networking helps build your social and professional well-being

Once you start, you won’t want to quit because the benefits are exhilarating.

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