Office Administration has changed dramatically since the days of stenographers, typewriters, typists, mimeographs, intercoms, and dial phones. Office workers had no computers, smartphones, or other electronic devices to make daily work easier and more efficient.

The most traditional office jobs over the years in the private and public sectors have been:

  • Receptionist
  • Office Clerk
  • Bookkeeper
  • Secretary
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Executive Assistant

There is a future demand in Office Administration for those trained in computer and software use. These employees also need a sophisticated set of skills that include using advanced technology, human resources, business processes, leadership, and an entrepreneurial mindset. Prepare yourself for positions in the major fields of healthcare, technology, or education with an Associate Degree in Office Administration.

Advanced Technology Gives Your Company an Edge

Using the latest office technology will contribute to work productivity and employee safety. Some of the simpler items include adjustable desks, the best headphones, adjustable lighting, and cubby-hole temperature control. More advanced technology should include:

Office Administration Program in Baton Rouge

  • Reliable Wi-Fi and fiber-based private office networks
  • Diverse communication tools and cloud-based platforms
  • Reliable conference lines and various IoT devices
  • A balance between eco-friendly architecture and smart tech
  • The latest building entrance security and cybersecurity

Those offices that use these advanced technologies will have an edge over many competitors.

Human Resources Are a Key Component of Company Success

Successful companies in any sector create the right fit between employees and jobs. The all-around office leaders must gain adequate knowledge and skills in these areas:

  • Posting jobs in the right places and interviewing job candidates
  • Counseling and training new and current workers
  • Understand labor laws and employee benefits
  • Hiring the best prospects and releasing those that need to go
  • Practice office etiquette and professional ethics

“There is a future demand in Office Administration for those trained in computer and software use. These employees also need a sophisticated set of skills that include advanced technology, human resources, business processes, leadership, and an entrepreneurial mindset.”

 The Best Business Practices and Processes Are Essential

Office Administration CareersCurrent and future office leaders must be well-versed in the best business practices and processes. They will not only be expected to follow them, but these practices will also be necessary for personal job security and the success of their office or department. Essential ones include:

  • Presenting a professional image of the company
  • Understanding why effective marketing is a ‘do or die’ concept
  • Master managing people and tasks
  • Follow company policies to the letter
  • Engage workers and effectively reward their efforts
  • Stay committed and build cultural cohesiveness
  • Build strong team efforts and hold effective meetings as needed

Learn more about best business practices that are easy to incorporate in virtually any setting.

Leadership Is an Essential Role in the Future

Leadership means knowing how to organize an office setting and motivating employees to do their best. Teach each one to personally adopt the organization’s essential goals in their minds and daily routines, and the organization will be more successful. Here are some skills leaders need to incorporate to improve their office or department:

  • Learn the latest time management techniques for yourself and teach them to others.
  • Lead by example and delegate as much as possible to other employees.
  • Be a great communicator and collaborate with people regularly.
  • Teach office workers what you expect of them so they will clearly understand.
  • Spend time planning daily and weekly to set goals and make plans to carry them out.
  • Become better at resource acquisition and allocation.
  • Accurately represent middle management to other managers and office workers.

An Entrepreneurial Mindset Is a Great Asset

Office Administration Skills NeededThose of you aspiring to be an office administrator or manager will need knowledge of and some skills in entrepreneurship. This simply means thinking and acting like the business owner related to taking on some risks to move the organization ahead. Successful employees will:

  • Understand business management principles
  • Think about adding new products and services to meet market needs
  • Have a technical aptitude toward office equipment
  • Own good interpersonal skills in and out of the office
  • Understand and anticipate their organization’s basic needs

Possessing an entrepreneurial concept is one of the “hats” future office administration professionals will wear. This attitude will help employees move ahead in their professions while helping their companies stay competitive. Earning an associate degree in office administration is the best way to land an entry-level position and eventually move up to a leadership career.

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