As far as technology is concerned, 2018 has been an incredible year and we are just now hitting the six-month mark. There are a few very interesting trends that have appeared, most of which were inconceivable several years ago. Today we are going to look at a few concepts that you might learn while you are attending an information technology school. Some of these might seem familiar and others might be completely new to you. Read on to learn more!

Discount Gamification

Online discounts are nothing new by any stretch of the imagination but using game tactics to give the customer a better discount is something right out of television. More app developers are using application program interfaces (APIs), like Price Rules to change the way that discount codes are delivered. Wheelio, for example, lets the user spin a wheel and land on a discount code. While this is most definitely an impressive use of gamification in online discounts, it only scratches the surface of what is possible. As 2018 moves forward we will see more applications that streamline the process and completely change the way that discounts are handled.

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Changes to Inventory Sourcing

Online product demand is at an all-time high and it shows no signs of slowing down as the years’ progress. Drop shipping along with other methods of selling is on the rise, and apps like Spocket have changed the way Shopify merchants handle their inventory. This app gives the merchant the ability to search for products from a specific country of origin. So, for example, if you wanted to sell a product from a specific country it would be far easier to do so than ever before.

More and more companies are getting on board with this type of inventory sourcing which makes it easier to find apps. Still, there is a demand to fill quite a few different niches, so which one will you be filling soon? In information technology courses, you may learn about these apps and even contribute to their programming in the future.

Recovering Abandoned Carts

There is nothing new about abandoned carts. Too many people have filled their online carts, closed the page, and forgotten all about their shopping cart. Even if you cannot recall, you are probably guilty of doing so. Apps like Countdown Cart and Sales Pop allow customers to recover those abandoned carts and reminded them of the purchases that they had once intended to make.

ITI Technical College LogoApps like these are going to change the way that commerce is conducted over the internet, and you can help to contribute to this technological revolution. With high-quality education and relevant on-the-job training, you could find yourself on the front lines of technological development. The apps that we have mentioned here are great examples of the advances that are occurring today, but they are in no way indicative of every single piece of progress that is being made.

As a matter of fact, new apps are coming out every single day, and it is not the apps that are important but rather the idea behind them. What ideas will you be coming up with after you attend an information technology university? How will you be changing the commerce world for the better? There are a lot of different ways and you will find out soon. Call us today and get ready to completely change your life!



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