Process Technology is used to control and monitor many different industrial, manufacturing, and Process Technology Degreeplant processes to reach their products and services. Process Technicians are employed to make sure the processes run efficiently and safely to achieve company quality, quantity, health, and environmental standards.

These companies must operate effectively to supply you and me with products we need every day such as cars, food, power, clothing, clean air, beverages, and much more. To ensure proper functioning and minimize downtime, technicians troubleshoot process abnormalities, equipment malfunctions, and device irregularities.

 Many Industries Use Process Technology

Process technology is universal in its concept and application on a worldwide basis. American business and industry, especially manufacturing, are constantly trying to find new ways to produce or process materials more effectively to keep quality up and prices down.

These industries are not unique to the U.S. economy but are the most common ones.

Aeronautic                     Automotive                 Ceramics                     Chemical

Clothing                         Coal                              Foods                          Furniture

Natural Gas               Paper and Pulp            Petroleum                         Metals

Power                            Textiles                        Waster-water              Water Treatment

U.S. companies rely on improved process technology to remain competitive in an international marketplace.

Managers See Increased Process Technology Use with Automation Improvements

 Factories and processing plants see automation and process technology as the wave of the future. Owners and managers of these companies see their purposes as:Role Of Technology In Production Management

Supplying a growing population with the number of goods and services needed

  • Staying alive and competitive as a business or industry
  • Improving the quality of products and safety of processing workers
  • Keeping prices under control, especially in times of inflation
  • Complying with state, federal, and OSHA regulations

Process technology is not well understood by the general public unless individuals tour plants and manufacturing facilities. If you are considering a career as a process technician, it is worth your time to visit a few plants to view their operations.

“Process Technicians are employed to make sure the processes run efficiently and safely to achieve company quality, quantity, health, and environmental standards.”

How Business and Industries Benefit from Process Technology

It’s no secret that U.S. businesses and industries need to keep a strong bottom line in the face of increased corporate taxes. If they want to remain in the U.S. rather than send operations abroad, owners and managers must use advanced process technology to reap its benefits.

 Corporations benefit from process technology by lowering the cost of their products to compete with lower foreign labor prices. This in turn, provides lower consumer prices in the U.S. that allows us to purchase more of many items we need.

As sales increase, companies can grow, expand, and hire more workers. This results in a more stabilized position in our economy and shares of stock that are healthy.

Do You Have What It Takes to Work in Process Technology?

 Working in process technology is a challenging and rewarding career where employers expect technicians to dedicate their efforts to improving production, quality, and safety. If you want toProcess Technology in Baton Rouge

work with these Process Technology functions successfully, you should pursue an Associate Degree in Process Technology.

  • Troubleshoot industrial pumps, compressors, and turbines for efficiency
  • Use mathematics to correctly set temperature, hydraulics, and flow of operations
  • Operate, maintain, repair, and monitor factory or plant processes
  • Use knowledge of basic electricity and electronics to control valves, analytical devices, and programmable logic controls
  • Become proficient in computer and software use, technical writing, industrial safety, and environmental practices.

Current Shortage of Workers in the U.S.

As more young people turn to service and computer technology careers, more jobs open in the field of process technology. There are hundreds of manufacturing, production, and assembly jobs for process technicians in almost all states.

Your college job placement office will assist you with finding an entry-level job. They have current knowledge of local jobs if you want to remain in your current area.

Earn an Associate Degree and Get On Board

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