Information Technology Security is an industry rich in opportunity simply because of the vastness of its nature, and the nature of how we keep and store information today.

Rarely do you find office buildings riddled with filing cabinets under lock and key; these days, information is stored on servers on some kind of computer network. In an age where everyone is going paperless, information technology security has never been more important – great news for the student interested in a career in IT Security.

Maybe IT peaks your interest, but you’re not quite sure about IT Security, and you’d like to know more. Here, we’ll take a bit of a deeper dive into information technology security, explain what it is, and explain what we have to offer in the way of training at ITI Technical College.

Information Technology Security

So, What is Information Technology Security?

You’re familiar enough with the concept of security… you hear it all the time: there are security systems for homes, matters of national security, security officers at malls and in stores. But when it comes to computers… what does “security” refer to? Information Technology homeland security is the process of implementing processes, protocols, and other measures designed to safeguard important information. IT Security is implemented for everything from use on a personal level to a business level, protecting things like data, conversations via voice and text, pictures, and videos from unauthorized access.

Why Is IT Security a Necessity?

The goal is to keep the right information in the right hands, and to keep the information safely under virtual lock and key to preserve its value, confidentiality, and integrity, no matter how sensitive or how important it is. Unauthorized users who access important data would, most likely, be interested in using it in an unauthorized way. Misuse, modification, destruction and improper disclosure are all results of a lack of security when information gets placed in the wrong hands.

Consider the personal data on your phone: your phone has a security passcode so that data is protected from the passerby who may attempt to steal it. Now consider a big corporation with hundreds of thousands of sensitive documents pertaining to financials, employees, processes… how important is this information to the company? Extremely; all the more reason to ensure that proper IT security is in place.

Information Technology Training at ITI

information technology security trainingThe information technology security training at ITI Technical College is all encompassing for a well rounded education that includes emphasis on the increasingly important issue of IT Security. We offer an intensive program that begins with an introduction to Information Technology and builds on that foundation from the ground up. There’s focus on software and hardware tools, core courses in mathematics, PC Office applications, success skills and courses in Networking and Programming – the two specialties we offer for students completing the program.

Though both specialties offer basic information in every field pertaining to IT, each dives deeper into its respective skill-based category to give students the skills necessary to thrive in a specialized career. The Networking Specialization offers students the opportunity to understand hardware, software, organizational environments, networking system applications, and networking communications.

The Programming Specialization offers students the opportunity to develop basic concepts of computer programming, specifically in regards to the two most popular programming languages – C# and Visual Basic.NET. Additionally, Programming students will learn to develop PC applications, web applications and database-related applications. Both specialties to put emphasis on IT Security training, as it is a facet of IT vital to each specialty.

ITI Technical CollegeIf you’re considering a career in Information Technology, a great choice is the IT Program you’ll find at ITI Technical College. Since our founding in 1973, we have provided the best of the best in training programs that exist based on the needs of the time and of the business and industrial community; for decades, our focus has been on training personnel to meet job requirements of the technical age.

Our teaching staff are experts in their fields and are completely dedicated to making the experience a positive one for you that only ends in success. Don’t hesitate to check our Web site or give us a call for more information on how you can secure a thriving career in Information Technology.


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