Thanks to the rise of the Digital Age, everything has changed. The fundamentals of the world have shifted from the way people learn to the way information is handled and processed.

Every aspect of the world has been changed, some for the better, but some for the worse. Security and privacy have always been integral parts of people’s day-to-day lives and the functionality of the world, but privacy is going by the wayside thanks to pure cyber security. That’s why it is high time we started training a new generation of security guards. Not to guard our cars and our museums of precious artifacts, but to guard our identities and personal information online.

ITI College is stepping up to offer students the education they need to succeed in information technology careers. With a certification from ITI College, we guarantee that you are ready to go out and protect the digital world from the attack.

Protecting Information from Cyber Attacks

Computer & Information Security Technology TrainingDespite the rise and growth of the Digital Age, some companies, financial institutions, and even government agencies still seem to be living in the Stone Age. Hospitals are going paperless and educators are bringing technology into the classrooms to make school more engaging while some still refuse to acknowledge the need for better cyber security. The United States government and the associated agencies have an alarming history of cyber attacks that successfully steal and leak confidential or even top-secret information. In a single year, they are usually attacked at least ten times with at least half of those attacks ending in success for the hacker. As the spread of digital devices, storage, and media spread to every aspect of daily life, so too does the number of cyber security breaches increase. That is why the need for information security officers is greater now than it has ever been.

Even The NSA Agrees

With current cyber security falling short on a daily basis, it’s hardly new or noteworthy to report it. Hackers can get almost any information from any source they want thanks to the systems being outdated or easily circumvented. Even the National Security Agency (NSA) can see the threat that is growing on the horizon.

Back in 2014, the NSA Director warned that if cybersecurity is not taken seriously, there will be a massive attack that will put more than just a few million people in danger within the next decade. Now, just two years later, a huge stash of stolen email account information has been discovered that affects 272.3 million people all over the world.

The signs that cyber security needs to be increased are there, and it’s time to heed the warnings. With the ever-growing need for cyber security professionals and the staggering shortage of qualified individuals to meet demand, could it be too late already?

We at ITI Technical College believe it is never too late. Our experienced educators and dedicated staff are optimistic about a brighter future. We work to make sure that students pursuing a career in a cyber security field are more than just equipped or prepared to take on the challenges of cyber attacks, they are anticipating and preventing the attacks from even happening.

How To Succeed In A Growing Field

ITI Technical CollegeThe good news that comes out of all of this is that with a growing number of cyber security attacks and outdated or simply ill-designed security measures, a number of jobs are opening up in the field of cyber security. With any growing field, though, comes also a growing number of competitors. That’s why those interested in information systems security need the best education.

At ITI Technical College, we have been committed to the growth and education of our students since 1974. With over 40 years of experience teaching students, learning from experience, and watching technology evolve at an amazing rate, we are highly qualified to help those who wish to seek a career in information technology. With the growing threat of identity theft in a more technological world, now is the time to seek your information technology security certification. Help create a safer future for the world with ITI College.


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