So you’re ready to dive into the world of construction management but you aren’t quite sure where to stat. Obviously you will want to begin by attending our construction management school, but as the term implies, that is only a start. Once you finish your education with us you will be ready to move out into the world, and you will definitely be prepared to take on one of the many jobs in the field. So which job will you want? Which one are you going to be most suited for? There are quite a few out there, and we’re going to discuss four of them today. Are you ready? Well let’s get moving!

Project Manager – Not Quite your Average Construction Management Job

There is little doubt that project managers are very important in today’s world, though you might not be sure why just yet. Every single construction project out there requires a good project manager at the helm whether it’s cementing a brand new parking lot, building a skyscraper, or bringing a bridge across a river. A project manager has a difficult job, we’re not going to sugar coat it in the least. They get paid well, and for good reason! They are responsible for knowing every single aspect of the project, and they need to know who is working on which part.

They will be overseeing the progress of the project at each individual stage, ensuring that it is actually going to plan – a difficult job for the average individual, but easy for someone with the training.  In other words, when you take on this job, you’re the big boss in charge of the entire operation, and that’s pretty exciting isn’t it?

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Construction Management – A Step Down But Still Rewarding

At first glance, this job will probably look pretty similar to the project manager but there are quite a few differences, as you are undoubtedly going to discover as you move along your career path. In this position you will be responsible for overseeing the progress of the construction along with organizing, implementing, and scheduling various projects. In addition to that you will be dealing with subcontractors, particularly those responsible for electric, heating, drywall, and anything else that falls outside the scope of your direct responsibilities.

The last thing we will mention, though certainly not the last of your responsibilities, is choosing the tools and material that will be used for the completion of the project in question. The project manager must be able to plan ahead and be ready to mitigate disaster should it come to that, and you will find that it’s not always a walk in the park. Oftentimes construction managers will need to spend a few years in the field, gaining advanced knowledge of construction techniques and procedures before they can truly step into the management shoes.

Design Management

Construction Management school in Baton Rouge LAThe design manager, just like any of the others who might be trained in a construction project management program will find themselves responsible for producing the drawings from which the building will be constructed. They are often referred to as design coordinators and they will be working with architects, structural engineers, and specialist designers to ensure that the project moves along from start to finish. This manager will be capable of managing the design team, advising the client as to the requirements of the project, encouraging the design team to produce quality work, and much more. As with any other management position, it will be vital for the design manager to exhibit quality people skills and knowledge in most other areas of the business. They are not, however, afraid to ask for help where they need it.

Project Coordinator

The last job we are going to mention is the coordinator who will provide support to all other project managers. They will find themselves responsible for providing administrative reports, producing plans, making proposals, and of course scheduling meetings. They will also need to assist with the budgeting of products along with coordinating with other individuals on the team. It’s a big job and we can give you the skills you’ll need to do it – if you’re up to the task, that is.

Our Construction Management school in Baton Rouge LA is poised to bring you and your skills to the next level. Establish yourself, establish your career, and change the world one project at a time.


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