Technology is a constantly evolving landscape that requires expertise in the field of IT. Computers have come a long way from being huge, hulking machines that need a large room in order to operate to small, powerful processors that can be held in the palm of the hand. Burning Glass Technologies even pointed out the job posting in this industry have grown to over 74% between 2007 and 2013. People who are experts in this field are in demand more and more as the field of information security becomes a big concern. Below are a few careers people may be interested in when pursuing their information security degree.

Security Architect

The person in this position is responsible for the building and maintain of the network and computer security infrastructure of their organization. The position requires someone who has developed a picture of the information and technology needs of the company. They use this information to then further develop and test effective security structures to protect these systems.

People in this position are usually senior level employees who have worked within the company for a number of years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean salary for people in this position is $81,670.

Information Technology Security Careers

Security Consultant

People interested in this career field may enjoy it for the freedom it has to offer when moving in between organizations. Security consultants are basically outside experts who help to organize and implement a solution for the security needs of a company. They have a vast wealth of knowledge of authentication protocols, security standards, and security systems. Pulling ahead in this career field means to they have to be willing to develop a picture of the organization and how it works.

Security consultants will usually interview management, executives, and even familiarize themselves with the corporate policies of the company. Once they have the information they need, they use their knowledge to implement the security tools to fit the needs of the company. They are usually responsible for testing out these systems and updating them when necessary. has the median salary listed for security consultants at $90,120.

Security Specialist

This is the entry level position for people interested in information technology security certification. Professionals in this position are responsible for completing several duties that are geared towards strengthening the security of their company. Security specialists will also analyze the security requirements for a company, configure and install security solutions, and even perform vulnerability testing.

Security specialists may also be involved in training other employees in security awareness. People who are interested in pursuing this career need knowledge in ethical hacking, event management, computer networking, and computer programming.

Computer Forensics Expert

ITI Technical CollegeThis career is another unique one that many people may be interested in pursuing once they receive their information security degree. People in this career field are responsible for looking over the evidence that is gathered from computers, data storage devices, and networks. They do this during investigations of computer crimes.

Computer forensics experts work with law enforcement agencies to help them gather evidence for legal cases, offer an expert testimony during a trial, and even training law enforcement personnel in effective computer evidence tactics. Law enforcement, levels of government, and even legal firms usually employees these forensic experts. Individuals in this career field have to have a wealth of knowledge in operating systems, programming languages, forensics software, cryptography principles, and eDiscovery tools.

People pursuing an information security degree may be interested in one of these careers. The careers vary from expert to entry level with many opportunities for growth. The information security career field had continued to grow over the last couple of years, with many opportunities for growth. People interested in this specialization should look into working towards their degree to get their dream career underway.


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