Being successful in any administration role will require a number of key skills and a strong work ethic. If you’re considering Office Administration as a career, then you’ll need to know what it takes to be successful in the industry. Besides getting qualified at an Office Admin training school, you’ll also need to possess the following skills to remain competitive and attract opportunities that will continually advance your career.

Leadership Skills Are Important in an Administrative Role

Office administrators are often seen as the beating heart of any organization. With a workload that can be intense at times, strong leadership is a quality that the most successful professionals will possess.

A key part of leadership is being proactive. Even though an Office Administration professional won’t typically have staff reporting directly to them, they can still act as leaders by showing initiative in the tasks that they perform. Leaders are inherent problem solvers, which ties in closely to the role of Office Administration. Acts of leadership such as finding more efficient ways to perform office tasks can allow administrators to gain recognition within their organizations. If you want to be successful once you finish training, then you’ll need to recognize what it is that makes an effective leader, and incorporate these traits into your own working style. Simply staying on top of your work and taking the initiative to help others outside of your role, would represent a strong leadership trait that would be valued by your future employer.

Understanding and Managing Expectations

Office-Administration-BusinessWhen you’re employed in a busy office environment, a significant part of your role will be understanding and meeting the expectations of your organization. Administrative roles are rarely defined with clarity, so you’ll need to use perception and intuition to discover what others expect you to do in your role. This goes beyond simple email management, greeting clients, and filing, and could include agenda management for senior staff, special events management, and even ‘buzz’ management.

Buzz management is a relatively new term that essentially means knowing what is going on in your office and finding effective solutions or processes for problems and tasks. You’ll interact with people from different areas in an organization, which will put you in a prime position to do things that are unexpected and that will get you noticed. This could be something as simple as going out of your way to help a senior team member prepare a speech or presentation, or it could mean coming up with your own proposal for a new system of office equipment management. You’ll also need to learn about key terminology, trends, and technology related to your individual workplace and your industry as a whole. Buzz management is about making yourself an invaluable resource that anybody in the office would be happy to talk to about a work-related task or problem.

Brush Up on Your Software Skills

When you attend Business Office Admin School at the ITI Technical College, you’ll become proficient in key productivity software like Microsoft Office. While the Microsoft Office suite is the industry standard, it’s by no means the only software that you will work with while in the industry. Some businesses will use proprietary software or other alternatives like Google G Suite. Becoming familiar with all of the most popular office productivity applications will make you adaptable to any environment. Knowing alternatives could also help you to provide expertise if your future employer is looking for different solutions. It can also be beneficial to familiarize yourself with accounting software, collaboration software, and even web development software. Understanding the basics of creating and maintaining web pages could make you a more employable Office Administration professional, and you’ll be able to continually build expertise once you become comfortable with the basics.

Learn Everything You Need to Enter the Industry

The ITI Technical College is a reputable Office Administration School in Baton Rouge Louisiana and can provide the foundation for your career. To learn from the best and to get expert support throughout your study, you should always rely on a trusted training program.

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