A mechanic’s lien is a series of paperwork and legal actions that are designed to help resolve any payment issues that might arise from the execution of the project. If there is a payment issue and a mechanic’s lien has been filed against the owner, it will immediately put a hold on the selling or refinancing of the property until the debt has been resolved. In other words, a mechanic’s lien, when properly used, can ensure that the owner completes all of the required payments on a job lest they face legal consequences

The Preliminary Notice

construction project managementAssuming the subcontractor or contractor does not have a direct contractual relationship with the owner, then a preliminary notice needs to be furnished within the time limits. Within most states, the time limit is going to be at least twenty days in advance of putting on the lien, and a preliminary notice needs to be provided to the following individuals:

* Owner

* General Contractor

* Lender

The contractor will also need to furnish a bill and statement which covers all of the performed services so that there is no confusion later on.

The Mechanic’s Lien

The way in which you file a mechanic’s lien will depend highly upon the state in which you are performing the project, but you’ll find that these liens are available to a wide variety of individuals including anyone that contributes services, labor, or materials to a real estate project. The mechanic’s lien does a great job of helping all of the involved parties get the payment they need or, if necessary head to court to resolve any of the issues. This includes having the property sold at auction to recoup their losses. While this should be a last resort, it is a very helpful one and sometimes very necessary.

Filing the Mechanic’s Lien

At construction management school in Baton Rouge, you will quickly learn that the mechanic’s lien needs to be recorded within a decent amount of time at the correct local or state office within the country where the project is located. Additionally, the contractor that is filing the lien needs to be licensed, if they are not, their lien will be considered invalid and will create bigger problems for you down the road.

Understanding Stop Notices

Where there is plenty of complex languages for you to learn when it comes to mechanic’s liens, stop notices are one of the most important. This will go against any money that hasn’t been paid by the owner, effectively freezing it so that the claimants can recover for work that has been finished already.

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