The healthcare field is expanding considerably thanks to technology, and if you are just starting to learn about how information technology integrates with healthcare, then you likely have many questions. This article explores a few examples of updated and newly introduced technology. You will be amazed by how advanced the medical field has become and how much additional opportunity exists as a result.

Augmented Reality in the Healthcare Education Field

While the tried and true book learning and hands-on methods have worked for many years, it has become necessary to innovate. Before a doctor is able to work on patients in the field, they need to go through a battery of tests. One of these tests involves cutting open a cadaver for exploratory surgery. Unfortunately, cadavers are not a renewable resource, and this is where augmented reality can add value. With augmented reality, students will be able to explore a virtual body without needing to cut anything open. This amazing technology is rapidly advancing the healthcare industry.

Clinical Patient Access Systems

It might be shocking that healthcare still has a huge physical paper trail and very few hospitals have gone completely paperless. That is a surprising statistic – what century are we even in? The digitization of patient records has made it much easier for patients to access their information and has even made it easier for them to schedule appointments through online portals.


The Heart in a Box

Cardiac transplantation has evolved considerably over the years and it is now an acceptable choice for those who are suffering from severe heart failure. There was a time when medical technology only allowed surgeons to preserve organs in a cold solution, but this sometimes caused damage to the organ. Warm perfusion allows hearts to continue beating which makes them last much longer even if they are in transit.

Leadless Pacemakers

While pacemakers were one of the greatest innovations of the 1960s, they have undergone numerous advancements and enhancements. Today, the Micra pacemaker reduces the risk of serious and most definitely fatal infection, making this an absolute necessity for any patient suffering from cardiac issues.

Find your Place in the Medical Industry

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