If you are thinking about pursuing a career in Information Technology Security, you are thinking in the right direction. It is a high-demand career and more qualified technicians are desperately needed to combat cybercrime. Explore the information technology security careers and opportunities by reading this blog.

Information Technology Security is a challenging and rewarding career with tremendous job satisfaction. There are many types of cyber security jobs from which to choose. The first step to an IT career is earning an associate degree in Information Technology.

High Demand In Information Technology Security Careers

Cybersecurity is a fast-growing field with a high demand for skilled professionals. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job market for information security analysts will grow by 32% by 2032. The highest demand for cyber security workers is in industries that manage high volumes of consumer data such as finance, healthcare, and retail trade.

As an example, jobs for information security analysts are projected to grow at a rate much faster than the average of all other occupations. Each year from 2022 to 2032 about 16,800 job openings are expected to open.

Critical Role IT Workers Play

Information Technology SecurityCybersecurity is critical to the functioning of societies and economies worldwide. It attempts to protect all categories of data from theft and damage, including sensitive data, personally identifiable information, protected health information, and more. Cybersecurity workers are essential to many areas in IT, including:

  • Securing government services
  • Digital economy development
  • Modernizing the industry and infrastructure
  • Ensuring national security
  • Protecting networks, edge devices, and data
  • Preventing data breaches
  • Monitoring and reacting to attacks

One of the most critical roles that IT technicians play is creating a good incident response plan. It outlines the steps to take in case of cyber attacks so organizations can quickly and effectively respond to attacks.

Rewarding Career And Room To Grow

This occupation is a rewarding career with a clear impact. It offers personal satisfaction, a good salary, job security, and flexibility in work arrangements. Professionals are always learning new skills and working to understand new technologies.

This dynamic field provides opportunities to draw upon all your skill sets from prior jobs and your college education while building new cybersecurity skills. There is room to advance to supervisory positions that provide new challenges and more income.

“Information technology security is a high-demand career and more qualified technicians are desperately needed to combat cybercrime.”

Information Technology Security Careers Employment

IT, securityCybersecurity has low to no unemployment and solid compensation. Currently, there are not enough applicants to fill job openings. Security specialists tend to stay with their jobs longer than workers in many other professions because of job satisfaction.

This industry has little employee turnover, and those who do leave a company tend to go to work for another IT organization. If you want a stable career in IT, security is the place to work. The pay scale can increase significantly with experience, specialized skills, and advancement within the company.

Impact Global Security

Studying and working in cyber security helps you protect valuable information and systems from cyber threats. It offers the chance to significantly impact domestic and global data and sensitive information security. Cybersecurity is now a global priority as cybercrime and digital threats are growing in frequency and complexity.

Major attacks on the world’s financial institutions pose real problems and it is not a question of if they will occur but “when” will they occur. The world’s governments and companies struggle to contain these threats because hackers are becoming increasingly smarter. IT specialists must learn to stay ahead of the criminals.

Information Technology Security Careers Require Minimal Qualifications

Breaking into information technology security does not require a Ph.D., master’s, or bachelor’s degree. An associate degree in Information Technology is typically all you need to enter this occupation. A good grade average and references along with a degree opens many doors for prospective IT workers. The significant skills and knowledge IT security workers need are:

  • Communication and teamwork
  • Organizational risk management
  • Network and cloud security
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Digital forensics and ethical hacking
  • Security auditing, programming
  • Data management and analysis
  • Logical reasoning and troubleshooting
  • Honed soft skills

Choose An Industry That Suits You

One of the significant appeals of a career in cybersecurity is the opportunity to work in many different industries. With the right credentials, you can pick and choose among businesses and industries where you would like to work. Working in IT security is a challenging, rewarding, and in-demand profession. You can help deter cybercrime by earning an information technology degree. Contact us today for more information.

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