In our highly technological world, security breaches are definitely not uncommon. There are several that we could cite, from the recent destruction of Ashley Madison, all the way to the appropriation of the Playstation Network. There are plenty of other great examples we could cite, but suffice to say, breaches can cause several million dollars in damage if left to fester like an open wound. These hacks and breaches do not just hurt the website, contrary to popular belief.

Most of the time, the goal of the ‘hacker’ is to gain personal information such as home addresses, credit card data, checking account numbers, bank account numbers, and a plethora of other personal data that could lead to the destruction of an individual or corporation. In other words, the typical reasoning behind a hack of any kind is going to be money, and information technology security careers will permit you to fight on the front lines, just as you’ve always wanted. Of course, there is much more to it than simply taking some courses. There are certifications to earn and career paths to consider. This is perhaps one of the most diverse and complex IT fields in the industry, so let’s talk a bit about certifications and choices.

Information Technology Certification

Information Technology CertificationIf you are looking to gain skills to become a front line fighter in the cyber security field, then an information technology certification is most definitely the way to go. Not only will this give you a chance to prove yourself, it will help you to demonstrate to your potential employer that you have the skills needed to protect their company. Remember, in most companies, cyber security is one of the most important aspects simply because it protects personal data that could ruin the company should it fall into the wrong hands.

An Ever Changing World

The world is changing at a frightening pace, and technology is moving right along with it. That being the case, it should be no surprise to anyone that systems are not only becoming more advanced in every industry, but the methods used to break them are also becoming more sophisticated. It’s a never ending conflict with development that literally never ends. The information security sector absolutely needs those who are ready and willing to not only obtain information technology certification, but those who are also ready to put it to good use.

Aspects of Information Technology Security

We’ve talked a lot about information technology security here, but what it is exactly? What form does it take? The truth is that it takes many different forms, a few of which we will be listing below for you:

PCI Compliance (Credit card processing security) – This is the one of the most important forms of IT security, and it is deployed at the point of sale in any place of business. For example, the credit card reader at a retail store checkout will serve to ensure that payment is not only taken, but that it is protected as the information is transmitted. You might not think about it while you are swiping, but someone is!

-Network Security (Firewalls, routers, etc)Firewalls are both physical and software, depending upon the situation. A hardware firewall is also known as a router, and the they often serve as the first line of defense between a business and a would be hacker. Even with these advanced security measures, however, it is still vitally important to make sure a seasoned professional is monitoring the hardware and making sure all of the data behind the firewall is safe.

-Building Security Systems (Alarm systems) – While many people might not think of computers or IT when they are thinking of information technology, but these days they have a quite a bit to do with it. Monitoring systems are always backed by intense levels of technology, whether they are in-house, or at a remote monitoring system(say for example a paid alarm security system with manned monitoring stations)

These of course are just a few great examples of great information technology security jobs, and you can be rest assured that there are plenty more. Now would be a great time to look into courses and start to develop your brand new career in the business. It only gets more secure from here.




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