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Why You Need To Pursue Information Technology Security Careers

Information Technology Security

If you are thinking about pursuing a career in Information Technology Security, you are thinking in the right direction. It is a high-demand career and more qualified technicians are desperately needed to combat cybercrime. Explore the information technology security careers and opportunities by reading this blog. Information Technology Security is a challenging and rewarding career […]

How Do You Define Information Technology Security

Information Technology Security

Defining Information technology security is a broad measure of protection for computer networks and their data. It protects organizations against breaches, leaks, publication of private information, or attacks. There were half a million cyber crimes committed in the United States in 2022 that totaled more than $10 billion in losses. In 2022 the most costly […]

Requirements For Success In Information Technology School

Information Technology Program

So, you want to complete an associate degree in Information Technology (IT)? There are some challenges and requirements to meet on the way to achieving it. To be successful in this endeavor, you need to select the school that is right for you and identify the IT specialty you are interested in. Other things you […]

Which Jobs Require An Information Technology Degree?

Information Technology Program

As information technology advances, those who work in this industry must be well-trained to meet the requirements of their positions and employers. A plethora of Information Technology jobs are in demand in today’s market. Contact ITI Technical College today for more information. An associate degree is ideal training for a job in these essential areas […]

Adapting To A Changing Environment With IT Training

Information Career

Business and industry needs are changing at a fast pace, especially in the information technology arena. Company owners and managers are adapting their research, marketing, communication, and recordkeeping to these changes. Effective and efficient IT training keeps organizations at the top of their games. To remain competitive, organizations need well-trained IT specialists to provide up-to-date […]

How Do You Decide an Information Technology Career Is Right for You?

Information Technology Career Path

The answer to this question applies to those who have not entered the full-time workforce and those who want to change jobs or careers. An information technology career is not for everyone but may be right for you. Before you spend the time and money training and educating yourself for this type of work, you […]

6 Current Examples Of Information Technology For Students To Grasp

Information Technology

New technologies and upgrades of existing technologies are coming forth at a faster pace. Businesses and consumers demand the latest advances to work faster and smarter for a competitive edge and personal benefit. Information technology students encounter these in their training and prospective students have used or at least heard of many of them. Six current […]

Why Our Economy Runs on Information Technology

Information Technology Program

We have harnessed information technology, and it has changed the way we transact business on the internet. With it, we have forged a new economy by creating and using e-commerce to buy, sell, and communicate online. People all across the globe no longer have to worry about time, distance, language, culture, and currency differences. Millions […]

Is the U.S. Behind Other Countries in Information Technology?

Information Technology Training

A generation ago information technology was just catching on worldwide, while now it’s a daily must for personal and business use. How would you answer the question, “Is the U.S. behind other countries in the use of and developments in information technology?” Let’s delve into this matter in several sectors to find an accurate answer. […]

Why Is Information Technology So Important?

Information Technology Program

What would we do without information technology? It’s one of today’s vital tools for business, nonprofit organizations, governments, and personal use. People in virtually all careers are required to have some working knowledge of computers, software, laptops, and phones. We use it for communication, banking, research, social media, taking photos, and much more in our […]

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