A generation ago information technology was just catching on worldwide, while now it’s a daily must for personal and business use. How would you answer the question, “Is the U.S. behind other countries in the use of and developments in information technology?” Let’s delve into this matter in several sectors to find an accurate answer.

The U.S. is considered the most innovative country in IT in North and Central America and sixth worldwide. For technology expertise, the U.S. is ranked fourth worldwide. Although America and Americans are knowledgeable and capable, we have a long way to go. There are some cultural, economic, political, and intellectual reasons we are in strong competition with other counties in the world of information technology.

Information Technology TrainingCountries with High Technological Expertise

Worldwide technological expertise consisting of knowledge and skills is led by Asian nations. Here are the ranking nations reported by U.S. News & World Report beginning with number 1:

  • Japan is one of the most literate and technically advanced nations with the third-largest economy in the world.
  • South Korea’s economy is both high-tech and service-based making it a foreign investment success story.
  • China’s economy is the second-largest only behind the U.S. China is struggling with balancing its population growth with its natural resources.
  • The United States has the largest economy based on gross domestic product and is the most technologically powerful.
  • Germany is a leader in economic development, exporting, importing, and ranks high in entrepreneurship.
  • Russia’s extensive natural resources make it one of the largest economies. It is the world’s second-largest nation by land mass.
  • The United Kingdom exerts much political, economic, scientific, and cultural influences as a highly-developed nation. Its economy is diversified and growing technologically.
  • Singapore’s economy is growing in terms of manufacturing and production in the electronic and pharmaceutical industries. It has a high per capita GDP.
  • Israel maintains a technologically advanced economy and is a major exporter of pharmaceuticals, high-tech equipment, and diamonds.
  • Switzerland is unique for such a small country with one of the highest GDPs per capita in the world. It has a highly skilled labor force and low unemployment.

Each of these country’s unique characteristics makes it a world leader in high technological expertise. Their citizens typically have a strong ethic that helps propel them forward in world economic leadership.

American Technical Innovations Compared to Other Nations

Information Technology Training ProgramAlthough the U.S. is ranked number 4 in technological expertise, it is ranked number 1 in quality innovation for a high-income economy. It was recently ranked one of the top three most overall technologically innovative nations.

The reasons for such innovative thinking and achievement are based on several factors:

  • Many international patent filings
  • A lot of technological research
  • Much scientific publishing activity
  • Human capital and strong infrastructure
  • Business sophistication
  • Knowledge and technology outputs

All these achievements make America a strongly competitive technology innovator.

“The U.S. is considered the most innovative country in IT in North and Central America and sixth worldwide. For technology expertise, the U.S. is ranked fourth worldwide.”

Some Countries Are Better at Science

This concept doesn’t have to be the United States because other countries are making significant strides in technology. Nations with strong scientific know-how build their networks and can link science and business to great success.

Where We Are Falling Behind

Information Technology DegreeOne area where the U.S. is falling behind is in developing clean energy and air technologies. This is not good news for our health and the conservation of natural resources. Our school systems seem to be falling behind in teaching math and science. These two areas are critical in improving information technology and other technologies. Our federal government is another area that needs IT strengthening compared to many other countries. Some people are afraid that U.S. tech is at risk of falling behind which threatens our global interests.


Where Do We Go From Here?

The U.S. must continue to be an innovation leader to stay competitive in the international marketplace. As citizens and organizations, we must become more astute in information technology expertise. The future of our economy and nation depends on strengthening our weaknesses.

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