When you choose to go back to school to obtain a higher level of education, chances are it is a very thought-out decision that has been well-planned. As such, upon completion of your education, you will want to embark on a rewarding career that will last a lifetime and keep challenging you each day. While this is not always the easiest thing to find, it is not impossible by any means. One of the most popular jobs today involves computer-aided drafting, and it is very much in demand. Without it, our society would be a very different place.

Why Cad & Architectural Drafting is Crucial to Building Design

All modern structures have been designed and engineered using some form of computer-aided drafting, so it is important to understand what this style of drafting entails. It all starts with programs like AutoCad, which are used to design everything from the underlying framework all the way to the outer shell of the building. Without programs like AutoCad, our world would be a very different place.

Commercial and Residential Drafting

rp_Drafting-Design.jpgThe skills that you learn at a school of drafting and design are useful in both the residential and commercial sectors. In the residential sector, you will likely develop single-family homes, large condominiums, apartment buildings, apartment complexes, and more. If you choose to work in the commercial side of drafting and design, then you will likely design retail stores, office buildings, factories, nursing homes, and even churches. However, the knowledge you gain during your education in an architectural drafting program can be used for much more than just designing buildings. In fact, computer-aided drafting is often used to design special effects for movie sets, aircraft hulls, ground vehicles, and other important structures that we use every single day.

Ease of Use

Computer-aided drafting is much more useful and practical, and it is easier than older drafting methods. The original method of pencil and paper is quickly falling by the wayside, and for good reason. Previously, a simple revision could take days to complete, and it could even require rewriting the original blueprints depending on the necessary changes. With modern CAD technology though, a change can be made in just a few hours, and designers can preserve the original blueprint file while the new file is created. In addition, drafters can make as many copies of the blueprint as necessary, and the original will never be lost. This is a considerable improvement compared to how blueprint changes used to be made!

Start Your Drafting Education Today

ITI Technical College LogoAfter completing your drafting education, you will be able to embark on a rewarding and fulfilling career in the drafting and design industry that will help you have a strong impact on the communities you serve Not only is the drafting and design industry an exciting field, it is one that will constantly challenge and reward you. It all starts, however, with getting the right education. ITI Technical College features a comprehensive curriculum that combines hands-on experience with practical knowledge to help prepare you to be effective in the field.

ITI Technical College’s instructors are passionate about teaching and have industry experience in the field they are teaching. They teach the skills necessary to properly utilize the CAD programs that you will be equipped with while you are in the field. The drafting and design industry is certainly a challenging one, but education from ITI Technical College will help you build a strong foundation for your career. For more information, contact one of our admissions professionals and get the enrollment process started – your future awaits!




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