Information technology moves forward in many ways, but there are a few defining factors that can easily change the way in which the entire industry is viewed. In an information technology school, you will quickly learn that security is one of the biggest challenges that the industry will be facing in the years to come. While upgrades to infrastructure and software are always a good thing, improper security is something that can have a negative impact on connectivity.

If users cannot connect due to outside interference, then we will see many frustrated and dissatisfied customers. The risks to networks today are much greater than they were in the past. With the advent of tablets, laptops, and phones, network access points are now more mobile than ever. This means network vulnerabilities can occur almost anywhere, at almost any time. The real issue with security, however, will surprise you.

All About the People

Information Technology TrainingWhile one might look to the machines when it comes to security, the machines themselves tend to be perfectly fine. The biggest problem is the people that are running those machines and are involved at every single level. Take for example a company that provides logins for employees but does not revoke those logins once the employees are terminated or leave the organization. A six-month purge simply is not enough; companies must be vigilant to ensure they are creating and following proper security procedures.

Another great example would be government agencies that hand out laptop computers to employees and then forget to revoke them when required. These laptops are often lost and can fall into public hands if proper precautions are not taken. It is a tough situation, and it is one that must be managed properly.

Finally, you have phishing tactics and ‘White Hat’ hackers that simply use their social engineering skills to gain the information they need to break into different systems. It is a tough challenge and one the future generations of Information Technology security specialists will need to overcome on a daily basis.

Outside Threats are Still a Problem

While inside threats are certainly a looming problem, there are also threats from the outside to consider. Malicious tools are constantly being employed by individuals to steal money, obtain information, and defeat the security that protects sensitive systems. Hackers could maliciously use this information for many different reasons. For example, a disgruntled employee may wish to blackmail a boss or even one of the organization’s executive officers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Could Be the Solution

ITI Technical College LogoIn the future, IT security will call for better training of individuals, but it will also call for more efficient methods. Artificial Intelligence will be able to easily solve these problems, though it will still be necessary to train individuals who are managing the machines. The solution? Better training, and most importantly, proper adherence to safety and security protocols. Organizations must teach employees to observe the necessary protocols instead of skirting them for the sake of convenience. It might be easier to shoulder surf or to borrow a login, but at the end of the day, security protocols and procedures are there for a reason.

Companies must enforce these protocols, and employees must follow them religiously. This is something that you will learn all about in your information technology training, and it is information that you will be able to apply in the corporate world. You will become a seed for change and in the end, the world will become more secure. You could influence large corporations, small businesses, and much more as you impose new security protocols and protect the data of both companies and individuals.



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