The future is digital, but you probably already knew that, didn’t you? An information security degree is going to be worth a lot in the future that we are creating, but why? How is the world different? Obviously, you’ve heard of computer hackers, and maybe, just maybe you’ve fed into the paranoid idea that was created back in the 90s and early 2000s. Before we talk about computer & information security technology training, we’re going to cover a few of the misconceptions about hacking, and most importantly, what it is not.

Debunking the Most Common Myths About Hacking

Information Security Degree

The early 90s and even some of the media today have produced unrealistic expectations about hacking. Quite frankly, they like to make it seem more exciting than it is. Maybe it’s a bit exciting and perhaps even thrilling on the hacker’s end, but when you’re working as an information technology security officer, you aren’t going to see more than simple notification.

What you’re not going to see during a hack event is a percentage representation of how far your firewall has been hacked, and you certainly won’t be playing a back-and-forth game of cat and mouse with the hacker. Unless for some reason your security environment and your firewall are set up like the trap house from Home Alone, there is a good chance you’re not going to detect a normal intrusion, at least not in the way you would think.

There are methods that can be used for detecting abnormal traffic, for example, shuttling all normal traffic through specific ports and keeping an eye on all of the others. This is just one method, and unfortunately, it’s pretty quiet. There will be no dramatic music, and there will certainly be no fanfare if you stop a hack from occurring. You will simply have the satisfaction of doing so, and the elation at the fact that you get to keep your job.

Earning an Information Security Degree

In 2017, the information security field is more popular than ever, and with good reason. As more and more people connect to and use the internet, the threat becomes more real, and with that being the case, it should be no surprise to anyone that the field is steadily increasing and the pay is outstanding. Did you know, for example, that as of 2016 the median pay for a network and computer systems admin was $79,700 per year, which adds up to a nice $38.32 per hour? That is far better than the minimum wage and it’s a great way to get yourself set up for the rest of your life.

ITI Technical College LogoAccording to BLS, unlike the computer programming occupation, network and computer systems administrators are going to look at an 8% job growth, which is the average, meaning that through 2024, about 30,200 jobs will be opening. This is a career that isn’t going anywhere, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits.

If you do in fact have the drive to learn, then now would be a great time for you to contact us and see what we have to offer you in terms of education. Ask us about information security degrees today and start building your future in the industry. We have exactly what you need to enter the industry and build a brand new career for yourself. All you need to do is take that first, crucial step.


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