Information security is of paramount importance to a range of industries. This includes healthcare, digital marketing, and especially finance and investments. As a set of strategies designed to manage data processing and transmissions – information security (Infosec) is truly a multi-faceted platform with plenty of tools and languages. However, its main function is to protect confidential and discreet data from malware, adware, hacking, and foreign breaches or intrusion. In order to meet the growing demand for IT security specialists, ITI Technical College features information security training classes and certification courses for all students.

With hands-on training and real-time applications for real-world scenarios, we effectively prepare our students to tackle the world of IT technologies across multiple platforms. As your local information security technology school, our graduates have gone on to many enriching and enviable positions in the IT sphere.

As an information security officer, you will have the right skills and knowledge to handle the following functions:


  • * Managing all data and information processing for industry-leading companies. This includes all tools and policies related to data transmissions and access.


  • * Setting up business processes and protocols designed to protect crucial data. This includes financial assets, financial transactions, investments, and communications with all clients, customers, and staff (in-house and remote).


  • * Enabling maximum protection and security for all daily data transmissions, storage, document access, and other particulars for business purposes.


  • * Protecting your servers, data storage units, and all inter-connected and wireless computers from adware, malware, viruses, hacking, breaches, and foreign or domestic intrusions.

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Information Security and the Financial Industry

At ITI Technical College, we feature information security classes that suit students looking for a robust and well-rounded curriculum. These courses are taught by professors and instructors with immense knowledge and experience. In fact, students receive real-time knowledge and skills to tackle real-world IT scenarios. This includes hardware, software, cloud, and mobile-based issues, along with app and program problems. They also learn how to diagnose these issues, while repairing them within time and budget. Most of all, students learn how to maintain data confidentiality, integrity, and availability for all IT systems they work on. We also offer specialization courses and certifications designed for certain aspects of the IT world.

With your information security degree, you are able to handle IT for all types of businesses and clients. In fact, there are many sectors that are always hiring new and existing IT security professionals across the board. This includes financing and banking, which as always, is in need of top-level IT security across all their platforms. This includes but is not limited to:


  • * Diagnosing and repairing all software, hardware, server, and system issues.


  • * Ensuring maximum financial data protection across all connected computers, routers, servers, and wireless access routes. Protecting data via encryption for banking e-mails, newsletters, account updates, account notifications, and so much more.


  • * Protecting crucial banking, financial, and investment data across all multiple platforms and channels. However, timely access to all documents, files, and folders to only authorized parties and personnel.


  • * Protecting all financial systems from foreign intrusion –setting up emergency notifications and even automated shutdowns of all systems to minimize and mitigate damage due to hacks and breaches.


Become an Information Security Specialist Today

At ITI Technical College, we prepare you for a rewarding career in information security technologies. As an information security specialist, you learn how to diagnose system infections due to malware and phishing attacks. You also get to learn about theft and ransomware – and the best methods to deter attacks and minimize damages. With IT security risks continuing to soar across the globe, now is the right time to enter this challenging and competitive field today!

For more information, contact ITI Technical College today and start your journey to a profitable and rewarding career in IT Security and Technology.


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