You’ve been working in offices all your life, and you see the management every day. They’re making more money and are seen as more successful, but you feel like you could do their job. Should you try and step into their shoes? You certainly can, and it’s easier than you’d think. Here’s why office admin school could be just the thing for you.

Previous Experience In Office Admin Is A Plus

If you’re already working in an office, you’re already halfway there. You’re seeing the ins and outs of the office system, and you’re involved in helping out every day. As you’re already in the system, that means that you actually already have a lot of the experience needed to run an office.

If you come and study with us, then you have a great advantage. You have background knowledge in the industry, so you can fill in the blanks to become a great office administrator.

Office Admin

Study While You Work

If you’ve ever gone for an interview for an administration role, then you’ve probably heard that you haven’t got the qualifications to get the job. However, you can’t justify taking time off work and going to college full-time.

Luckily, if you’re serious about getting a job in office administration, then there is a way forward. If you study with us, then you can study part-time. That means you can get in your learning in your spare time, while still earning a living. This is great for people with families or those who can’t justify the costs of studying full-time.

What The Role Requires

If you go to office administration school in Baton Rouge, then you’ll learn about carrying out the following duties. Here’s what you’ll learn about in class:

Scheduling: As a manager, you’ll be in charge of managing your employees’ schedules. You’ll learn how to put together a schedule, and how to manage it when things go wrong or you’re missing the staff. Being able to juggle that schedule to ensure you’re properly staffed is essential.

Budgeting: If you’re hoping to move into office management, then your math skills are going to need to be up to scratch. In an office, you’ll be responsible for the department’s budget, ensuring that you have enough in the accounts to reach your quarterly goals. This is an incredibly important job, so you’ll need to be good at managing cash.

Employee management: As an office administrator, what your employees do reflects on you. It’ll be your job to ensure that they’re doing their job, and handle any issues that arise. This means that good interpersonal issues are a must.

Inventory management: You’ll need to be able to keep track of your department’s inventory, and reorder items when your stocks are running low. This will depend on your budget though, so you’ll need to be able to gauge how much you’ll need at any one time.

Resource management: You’ll also need to keep track of the department’s resources, making sure that everything is accounted for when it’s needed the most. You’ll also have to negotiate with employees and other departments, to ensure you have everything you need in order to do your job.

Should You Become An Office Admin?

Of course, you should! If you’re already working in an office, then you can make that step up the ladder. If you come to study with us, then you’ll be able to get a bigger salary, and more experience, and open up more options for yourself further down the line.

We want all of our students to succeed, so if you’re interested in getting ahead, come talk to us. We’ll let you know the requirements for studying with us, and we’ll get you on the fast track to a better job. After all, you’ve been watching management all these years. Isn’t it time you took your place in their seat?



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