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The Basics of Condensers – Vital Skills in Air Conditioning Repair

In any air conditioning system, the condenser will play a vital role. As you study with us at ITI Technical College, you will learn about HVAC and refrigeration systems as a complete unit, with a significant aspect of your training focusing on condenser units, understanding the role they play, and different ways to troubleshoot and […]

The Two Most Popular Types of Air Conditioners You’ll Learn About in HVAC Training

A career in the HVAC installation and repair industry can be highly rewarding. Of course, before you can get started, you’ll need to take part in a training program that will allow you to understand the fundamentals of heating and ventilation units, while being able to identify the right solutions for different scenarios. Not every […]

Air Conditioning Repairing Basics And Things You’ll Learn In School

Air Conditioning Repairing

Air conditioning repair is a competitive industry that requires expertise and skill in order to get ahead. While it varies from area to area, many households and businesses use their HVAC systems to maintain the temperature of their building. These systems can sometimes consume up to 1/3rd of the energy of the building and such […]

Break out of the Apprenticeship – Earn your HVAC Certification

People at any time can feel the drive to improve themselves, their quality of life, or want to pursue a new career. Apprenticeships are good for learning the skills of the trade, but sometimes that’s not enough. People now more than ever are taking life by the horns to pursue a better life and focused […]

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