Air Conditioning RepairIn any air conditioning system, the condenser will play a vital role. As you study with us at ITI Technical College, you will learn about HVAC and refrigeration systems as a complete unit, with a significant aspect of your training focusing on condenser units, understanding the role they play, and different ways to troubleshoot and maintain them.

In the initial stages of your HVAC school education, you will learn that any kind of air conditioning system is based on the principle of refrigeration. Just like a refrigerator, an air conditioning system will extract the heat from an interior space, and transfer it outside. With a unit that also provides heating, the process can be reversed to send heat into the home or place of business.

Whether using a split type air conditioner, or even a window unit or a packaged air conditioner, the condenser is an integral part of the system. The condensers main role is to provide a mechanism of heat transfer. The condenser will allow the system to quickly remove heat, so it is essential that the unit be in excellent working order so that indoor climates can be efficiently maintained. As you will learn during your HVAC training, much of your role as a technician will be repairing, cleaning, and maintaining systems. Regular maintenance not only ensures that the system can run at full efficiency, but it can also prevent failures from occurring, which will provide significant value for your future clients.

What are the Common Condenser Problems that Lead to Air Conditioning Repair?

Dust can be a huge problem, whether you are considering domestic or commercial air conditioning units. Outdoor units are exposed to the elements, even when they are enclosed in high quality and specially designed housing. As dust builds up on a condenser, it is less able to transfer heat, which makes the system inefficient. More energy is required for the condenser to perform its function, which means that utility costs are increased. A condenser that is not efficient will also mean that an air conditioning unit will not be able to cool interior spaces properly, which is why many users find that a poorly maintained system will become less effective, over time.

Refrigerant gasses are used to ensure that the entire system, including the condenser, is running to specification. Refrigerant gasses can leak or deplete with continuous use, and sometimes it is necessary for gas in the system to be replaced. It is also a requirement that the pressure in the system is matched for the ambient temperature. When you complete HVAC training with our team at ITI Technical College, you will learn the different variables for systems of all sizes and designs. In this way, you will be able to quickly identify the problem when repairing a unit, while also knowing the correct parameters for when you are installing or performing preventative maintenance on any air conditioning unit.

HVAC Service TrainingElectrical problems could also be the cause of a faulty or underperforming air conditioning unit. Courses at ITI will prepare you for electrical safety, wiring, and programming logic controllers. This will allow you to ensure that the wiring in any system is correct and functioning. The condenser relies on electricity to operate, and sometimes it will be necessary to ensure that a compressor is receiving the correct voltage at the connection terminals. With your training and education, you will know exactly what to look for.

Sometimes, a problem can be as simple as replacing a condenser fan motor. In other cases, it may be necessary to replace a complete condenser unit, along with other components inside of an air conditioning unit. Again, your HVAC training will provide you with the knowledge that you need to perform cost effective and timely repairs, on all kinds of domestic and commercial air conditioners.

HVAC Service Training Gives You The Skills You Need to Succeed

With the right training, you can ensure that you are qualified and prepared to face any HVAC and refrigeration installation, repair, and maintenance challenges. A career in the HVAC industry can provide you with opportunities all around the world, as your skills will be in high demand. Choose to train with ITI Technical College in Louisiana for the high quality curriculum provided by a leading and caring faculty team.


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