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Three Factors that Can Affect a Wireless Router

One of the jokes shared in information technology school is “turn it off and on again” to solve a majority of problems. While it is true rebooting a device will solve a large collection of problems people experience, in some cases it’s not enough. Wireless routers, in particular, can be finicky and hard to troubleshoot […]

What does Information Security Mean Today?

There was a time when ‘information security’ honestly meant keeping the file cabinets locked, but today there is so much more to it. Thanks to computers, and the internet, anyone can have access to virtually anything in a matter of seconds. You have so many people wandering around in the wild with capable wireless devices, […]

Information Technology Security for Financial Institutions

In 2017, financial institutions need more protection than ever. Think about it. When you go to the bank, you deposit your money, and you expect it to be there when you need to withdraw it. We deposit in the bank because we expect our money to be safe there, and we expect it to gain […]

Why Are Companies Switching to LINUX in 2017?

Real Information Technology Training for the Real World ITI Technical College is your premier information technology school and center. From hardware and software to cloud and automation, we feature a full range of classes and courses in IT technologies. This includes LINUX, which is an open-source operating system modeled on UNIX. In recent years, more […]

Health Information Technology: The Future Is Digital

Digital technology is becoming more prominent wherever you work. Every industry is using digital media and tools to help them become more efficient and increase their output. This is especially true in the health field. Here’s why IT is so important, and how information technology classes can help you start a career in this field. […]

Two-Factor Authentication for Today’s Logins

Welcome to 2017, where security is more important than ever before when it comes to computer systems and technology platforms. There was a time when a password was enough to protect all your important information. Do you remember the 90’s? How often did you hear: “You can’t get in, you don’t know the password” or […]

Three Industries that are Going to Need Information Technology Experts

Real Information Technology Training for the Real World Information technology (IT) experts are always in great demand. From hardware and software to cloud and automation technologies – these professionals specialize in repairing issues and restoring proper functionality. As your local information technology school, ITI Technical College features high-quality IT courses taught by experienced instructors and […]

How to Tell if Information Technology is your True Calling

Information technology is one of the most important fields today, but here’s a question: is it your true calling? There are so many people who pursue an information technology degree, only to find out later that they don’t enjoy it. There are a few things that you will need to ask yourself before you really […]

Enroll in Information Technology School to Secure your Future

New opportunities present themselves to us almost daily and it is up to each person to seize them. Often, opportunities may come your way, but you need to act on them. Rarely do they simply plop in your lap and stay; you must pursue them and take advantage of the new prospects. By being proactive […]

Tips for Succeeding in Information Security School

Information security is critical to safeguarding the near countless petabytes of data that exist for both private and government-owned entities. Joining a good Information Security School is very important. Now, more than at any other time in history, we rely on digital storage and widespread connectivity on a day to day life. With the widespread […]

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