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What Office Administration Training Entails

As you consider your future, there is a chance you’re thinking about taking up office administration. Naturally this isn’t something you considered doing while you were growing up. When most children are young they dream of being cowboys, or astronauts, or police officers. There are very few people who have said “I want to be […]

Can You Make a Career out of Office Administration?

So you’re looking to start a new career and you have no idea where to begin. That is perfectly understandable – there are lots of career paths out there, and one of the most common questions we hear from office workers is ‘How do I move up?’. When you’re at the bottom, it can seem […]

What is Office Administration?

When you go to work in an office you have a choice. You can either start at the lowest rung on the ladder, or you can start at the top. Sure, everyone starts at the bottom, but do you really need to stay there? Those with little to no ambition will most definitely stay there, […]

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