Office Administration is a growing field with many positions that need filling. The jobs range from working in a small business with a few employees to corporate giants that hire dozens of office administration workers. Contact ITI Technical College today to learn about our office administration training program.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 316,000 positions for secretaries and office assistants are projected for the years 2022-2032. The median salary for these jobs in 2022 was $40,080. Office managers and executive assistants earned an average of $103,300 during the same period. More than 31,000 new jobs are projected for 2022-2032.

What Office Administration Is All About

Office AdministrationOffice administration is the backbone of any organization. Here is where the first steps are taken each day to reach weekly and monthly goals. Office administration work ranges from entry-level clerical work to advanced positions such as office administrators, managers, and executive assistants.

Office administration consists of a set of practices that ensure smooth administrative, corporate, and financial functioning in an organization. Many activities are performed to ensure these goals are reached. Office administrators typically perform these essential functions:

  •  Coordinate all office activities and operations to attain efficiency and compliance with company policies and procedures
  • Supervise administrative staff and divide responsibilities among them
  • Plan agendas, schedule meetings, and make travel arrangements for managers
  • Manage phone calls, emails, text messages, and packages
  • Support budgeting and bookkeeping procedures
  • Create and update records and databases as needed
  • Submit timely reports, make presentations to staff, and stock office supplies

Training For Entry-Level Work

Office Administration DegreeThe best-trained employees for office administration work are those with associate degrees. Although the training is comprehensive, think of it in terms of entry-level jobs and more advanced positions. Basic training consists of:

  • Workplace communications
  • Computers and keyboarding
  • Skills in using Microsoft software products
  • General office procedures and practices
  • Skills in using general office equipment
  • Records management and resume preparation
  • Professionalism and office eqitiquite
  • Technical writing and resume preparation

Students may elect to enter a 15-month Office Administration Certificate Program rather than a 24-month associate degree program. This program includes the training listed above plus Introduction to Business, and QuickBooks Applications.

 “Office Administration is a growing field with many positions that need filling.”

Training For Advanced Positions

Students seeking higher-level positions receive basic training plus develop skills for advanced positions such as office administrators/managers and executive assistants, including:

  • General office accounting procedures (budgeting and purchasing)
  • Business law, ethics, and analytical skills
  • Human resource principles and management
  • Customer service and efficient use of technology
  • Medical coding and billing procedures for healthcare specialization and
  • Medical office procedures and filing claims with insurance companies for healthcare

The Healthcare Administration specialization trains students for a career in a medical office environment. The training emphasis is placed on customer service, medical terminology, medical office procedures, medical coding, medical insurance billing, and financial office management. Graduates are prepared to work as medical coders, medical billers, medical office administrative assistants, and entry into mid-level management positions.

Office Administration Career Paths

Office Administrator DutiesCareer paths in office administration provide a variety of opportunities in multiple companies and industries. These are the most popular positions across the board:

  • Administrative Assistants perform basic support services for office administrators.
  • Assistant Office Managers assist with office operating procedures and policies and see the office work runs smoothly.
  • Office Administrator/Managers supervise an office’s staff by ensuring policies and procedures are carried out. They also coordinate activities with lower management.
  • Accounting Clerks collect and sort invoices and checks. They process a variety of business transactions with accounting software.
  • Human Resource Coordinators help their employers’ human resource departments with recruiting and interviewing job candidates and updating employee records
  • Executive Assistants/Secretaries provide administrative and clerical support to high-level executives.
  • Medical Coders and Billers keep medical records in databases and prepare claims to send to insurance companies.

A Great Place To Earn A Degree Or Certificate

The fast track to starting an office administration career is earning an associate degree or certificate from a recognized technical college program. Here you will obtain hands-on training in all the areas needed for success in this position.

ITI Technical College in Baton Rouge has graduated thousands of technical students since 1973. Our Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in the Office Administration Program has been successful for graduates to find good entry-level jobs. Request more information about our two programs and talk to our admissions department soon.

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