Why not take advantage of the new opportunities that present themselves to us almost daily? Often, opportunities may come your way, but you need to act on them. Dare to step out of your comfort zone and pursue something new, such as an Information Security career.

This opportunity could be college or returning for higher education. Whether you just graduated high school, or you missed your chance to further your schooling, it is not too late. Another opportunity just plopped in your lap – but what will you do about it? Will you take advantage of the occasion, or just sit back and watch it disappear again?

If you have a passion for computer technology, don’t let this chance pass you by! 2017 is the year to advance your education and career. Jump on board and go to an information security Technology School. Begin your career the right way at ITI Technical College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Information Security School

What does your future look like at the Information Security School?

While this is not really a new career choice, technology is always advancing and there is a demand for knowledgeable, new employees. Anything that occurs within the IT field ultimately comes back to computer programming, web design, and all things technical. Part of our nation’s responsibility is keeping our citizens and our digital information safe. With our help, you will learn how to do this. Once you graduate from ITI Technical College, your opportunities are endless. If you want to pursue a career in the IT field, but are unsure of which capacity, don’t worry – most students cannot make up their minds at first either. But get your foot in the door and enroll today to see what programs suit you best.

Here are some things you want to know about our information technology training

If you do not know what information technology (IT) entails, you should find out. Know what is expected of you before the first day of classes begins.

When someone wants to know how a computer functions, how the internet works, or how to fix a software issue, it will be up to you to diagnose, fix and/or answer the call. You will also know how to keep digital software safe and protected. It may sound scary, but don’t worry.

Here at ITI Technical College, you will learn how to understand, fix, and secure such issues. You will know how all of these things operate and you will be well-equipped and prepared for the job. Sure, you will shoulder a great responsibility, which is why you must ensure that you get the best education possible.

We are confident that after your time with us, you will be prepared for it. In the field, you will also need to be able to draw from your wealth of knowledge, and undoubtedly, call upon other nearby professionals for their expertise concerning unusual matters or situations that may arise.

You can trust our information technology program in Baton Rouge

Founded in 1973, ITI Technical College has offered quality education. So if computer and internet technology interest you, ITI Technical College is a wonderful place to start. Financial aid is available for those who qualify so you can get started sooner than you think. With hands-on training and practice, you can earn an Information Technology Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree and enter the field as a professional.

Call or email us today with any questions. Come on out and visit the campus, meet our students and staff, and see if ITI Technical College is the place for you. Get ready to enroll in our upcoming program and start to begin the journey of your career in the IT field.


For more information about graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website: https://iticollege.edu/disclosures/