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The Importance of Security in Health Information Technology

There are many important aspects of health information technology, but information technology security is one of the most crucial since it protects patients’ sensitive data. Today we are going to discuss a few reasons why you should attend information security school and enter this amazing field. Protecting Patient Information with IT Security When a patient […]

What Are PCI Compliant Systems?

In the modern business environment, companies must accept credit card payments if they want to remain viable. Only a few primarily cash or cash-only operations still thrive, and even many businesses that historically transacted in cash now accept credit card payments via smartphone applications and portable devices. Progressive companies and more traditional brick-and-mortar organizations need […]

Facts About Health Information Technology Training

If you are thinking of entering the Health Information Technology field, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns, the first, of course, being how much time you will spend in school to learn your craft. This is a valid question, and the last thing you ever want is to find yourself stuck in […]

Apple’s FaceID – How Well Does It Really Work?

Apple's FaceID

We are quickly moving past the need for physical passwords and we’ve seen everything from fingerprint readers all the way to voice print authorization. On September 12th, 2016, Apple introduced the replacement TouchID, known as Face ID. The name is self-explanatory but how does it work and is it actually practical? While pursuing your information […]

Open Source vs. Closed Source Software

If you’re in charge of IT at your business, or even if you run your own business, you’ll need to know the difference between open and closed-source software. Knowing the difference can influence how you use it at work, and how you run your business as a whole. If you don’t have an information technology […]

Enroll in Information Technology School to Secure your Future

New opportunities present themselves to us almost daily and it is up to each person to seize them. Often, opportunities may come your way, but you need to act on them. Rarely do they simply plop in your lap and stay; you must pursue them and take advantage of the new prospects. By being proactive […]

Tips for Succeeding in Information Security School

Information security is critical to safeguarding the near countless petabytes of data that exist for both private and government-owned entities. Joining a good Information Security School is very important. Now, more than at any other time in history, we rely on digital storage and widespread connectivity on a day to day life. With the widespread […]

What you Need to Know About Modern Information Security

Why not take advantage of the new opportunities that present themselves to us almost daily? Often, opportunities may come your way, but you need to act on them. Dare to step out of your comfort zone and pursue something new, such as an Information Security career. This opportunity could be college or returning for higher […]

How Information Technology Training will Change in 2017

Technology isn’t a static affair; it changes every single year with new developments and concepts, so here’s the question: how will information technology training change in the year 2017? The simple answer would be: a lot, but casting sarcasm aside for a moment, let’s talk a bit about the potential upcoming changes and what they […]

It’s Never Been a Better Time to Pursue your Information Technology Degree

Information technology has always been a great career choice, but if we’re, to be honest, there was a period when it was a bit stagnant. Take the early 2000’s for example; there was some amazing development, but up until 2010, it was really a lot of the same, and jobs in the field were pretty […]

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