When it comes to residential construction, many people assume there’s no job to be done except the actual construction itself. There’s so much that goes into building a house, though, and not all of it requires years and years of education or hard manual labor. The role of drafting in the world of construction is a vital one, and at ITI Technical College, we provide a fantastic School of Drafting and Design. In order for you to see just how pivotal the role of drafting education in residential construction, we’ve highlighted some on the job characteristics that should speak for itself.

A Drafting Career in Residential Construction… What That Might Look Like for You

Drafting EducationSince our founding in 1973, we at ITI Technical College have provided training programs that exist based on the needs of the time and of the business and industrial community. Have you looked around lately? The housing market, as it is now and has been for a few years, is at an all time high. New construction is popping up all around us, meaning the demand for drafting jobs in residential construction is there in full force. Even if the housing market drops, people will still need homes; and as long as our population continues to grow rapidly, homes will still be a business market.

Simply put, drafting in residential construction is a career that exists out of necessity, which makes the career a stable and dependable choice. Expect things to get interesting, as well, as today’s residential construction capitalizes on energy efficiency, convenience for its inhabitants, and aesthetic appeal. Needless to say, the drafter is constantly learning, challenged, and excelling in the job on a day to day basis.

You might be thrilled with idea of becoming a drafter for residential construction, but simultaneously wondering what type of income and flexibility you’ll have. After all, job excitement alone won’t pay the bills. On average, a CAD certified drafter may expect a median pay of $52,720 annually, though that depends on where you live and how much experience you have. Typically CAD drafters and designers keep the hours of their counterparts in the industry, though there’s a bit more flexibility in the location of the work since all that’s needed (for the most part) is a computer.  

ITI Technical’s Drafting School

Drafting and Design trainingITI Technical prides itself on offering occupational studies for vocational work that will be relevant regardless of what changes in the economy over the years. For decades, our focus has been on training personnel to meet job requirements of the growing technical age. Our Drafting and Design training is extremely thorough, and it will equip students with an aptitude for design for a career working alongside architects and engineers in a vital role utilizing computer aided drafting. ITI offers the Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Drafting and Design Technology, which begins with courses in general math, algebra, geometry, Cartesian math, and trigonometry relevant to these programs.

As students delve into the program, they’ll be introduced to Multiview drawings including the use of drafting equipment, dimension techniques, and auxiliary views. Students eventually are exposed to pictorial drawing techniques, graphic engineering data and assembly drawing, as well as technical writing, and technical communication. When it’s all said and done, students will be fluent in specialized programs and will be able to bring an idea to life from conceptualization to completion, which is vital to the role of drafting in residential construction. Not only will an ITI Certified drafter be able to do the job well, they’ll also be able to contribute richly to architectural and project management conversations with their own expertise to aid in the efficiency of the job.

So… what do you think? Does a stable, vitally important position in Drafting in residential construction sound like a good fit for you? Are you looking for a program that will provide much more than the bare essentials to equip you for the field, and a school that will do everything it can to support you in every aspect of the learning experience? Our Web site has access to a net price calculator for your program of study, program disclosures, and more helpful information – all just one click away. Don’t hesitate to apply online, or give us a call for more information.



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