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Get Involved In Computer Aided Drafting Programs And Plan Your Future

Drafting Degree

Behind every product, component, part, building, electronic device, and highway, there is a drawing and plan to create it. Today’s drafting professionals use the latest computer-aided drafting software to do the work. This type of software is amazingly flexible because drawings can be adjusted and modified quickly as needed. Contact us today to learn more […]

Is Mechanical Drafting School For You?

If you like to create and design sketches and drawings of objects, houses, or buildings, a career in drafting and design might be right for you. Opportunities in many industries are available from construction, architecture, manufacturing, household, and personal items… Contact us today to learn more about our mechanical drafting school training. Almost all drafting […]

CAD School Basics: What Is Computer-Aided Drafting

CAD Benefits

Design and drafting are essential parts of any manufacturing, processing, assembly, engineering, or architectural company. Computer-aided design (CAD) is a software tool for engineers to create and edit 2D and 3D models of products or structures. CAD lets users create more accurate designs, drawings, design development, alteration, and optimization of projects. It also enables engineers […]

Give Yourself A Head Start In The Construction Industry With A Drafting Degree

Drafting Education

The construction industry is currently booming in many cities and states. All construction projects from residential to commercial to industrial are based on engineering principles and drawings. If you are interested in a career in construction, expand your talents and qualifications with an associate degree in drafting and design technology. Begin by setting your career […]

Follow The Evolution Of Drafting Education

Drafting Education Evolution

In the past, drafting education primarily involved learning how to use pencils, rulers, and other drafting instruments on paper. However, with the Drafting Education Evolution, students now have access to CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software, 3D modeling, and simulation tools. These technological advancements have transformed the way students learn drafting and how they can apply these […]

Tools of the Trade – What Tools the Modern Drafter Uses

If you are thinking about being a drafter and studying at a school of drafting and design in Baton Rouge, LA, then you’ll probably be excited to learn more about the course and what you will be studying. If you’ve followed some of our previous posts, then you’ll know all about the technical skills, and […]

How you Can Use Mechanical Drafting School Skills

So you’ve decided to attend a Mechanical Drafting School, and you’re not entirely sure what you’ve gotten yourself into. Don’t fret, you’re not the only one to face this problem; here’s the question: what is drafting school worth? What can you do with that shiny degree once you get it? Before we get into that, […]

Drafting Education – Where Do You Go After You Graduate?

Drafting Education Choosing Drafting Education is strongly influenced by the career options that are available. Even when you have a passion for something, you’ll still need to be sure that your financial and educational investment is one that will pay off. In the case of a drafting education, you can take confidence knowing that there are […]

Build the Future – Become a Part of Something Bigger with a Drafting Education

If you’re a creative person who loves technical challenges, you could be a perfect candidate for a CAD & architectural drafting program. A drafting background can help you to go on to design products, machinery, tools, civil works, or nearly anything that you can imagine. Drafting professionals are in high demand, but you’ll need to […]

The Role of Computer Aided Drafting in 2017

If you’re considering attending a college to develop skills and gain a qualification for your career, then it’s a good idea to choose a field that not only interests you, but that can also provide plenty of future opportunities. Computer-aided drafting is one of the important skills that you’ll learn at CAD school and can […]

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